Weekly Recap: August 8-13

Good morning from Beverly Hills, Florida,

We thought we were getting a visitor tomorrow, named Fred. It appears, however, he’s going to pass by us.  But we’re hearing that Grace may be forming and coming later.  Yep, it’s that time of year in Florida.  It’s part of the price of living in a tropical environment.

Today’s post, a recap of the past week,  with quick links, allows you to catch up on any post you missed.  While every post seems to resonate with someone, two especially stood out this week in terms of reader response.–When you Fall, and My Body. My Choice. Right or Wrong. If you missed them,  I think you will find them encouraging and enlightening.

Just an FYI to our readers. Next week I’m taking my annual anniversary blogging break.  Norma Jean and I will be celebrating our 53rd anniversary.  So I will not be publishing any new posts.  However, if I wake up before she does, I may send out a reblog each morning!

Also, be sure to scroll down and read the bonus post from 9 years ago.

Have a good day.  And a wonderful weekend.

God bless,



Sunday Seed Thoughts: Singing



Word of the Week: Help




When You Fall




A Passage To Ponder:  Matthew 19:16-22



My Body. My Choice. Right Or Wrong?




Friday’s List To Live By #52





Balance is important in life.  Tires out of balance give you a rough ride and wear out quicker.  If you lose your balance on a ladder, it may result in serious injury.  Spiritually, balance is also very important.  This post from 9 years ago today raises an important question:  “Is Your Christianity Biblically Balanced?

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