Weekly Recap: June 20-25

Good morning from Cedarville, Michigan

After a profitable and enjoyable time speaking for the Cornerstone Church in Dayton. Ohio, and reconnecting with so many brethren we’ve known through the years, we decided to come to Michigan’s UP for a few days of R&R

We are “roughing it” staying in a 90-year-old cabin on Lake Huron, and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation where Lake Huron and Lake Superior meet.  We are blessed.  And thank God for the opportunities He’s provided for us.

Today’s post is our weekly recap, in case you’ve missed any posts this week.  It’s an easy way to catch up with the direct links to access each post.  Also, it’s a good way for your to share with your friends and give them a sample of what ThePreachersWord offers.

Have a good day.  And a wonderful weekend.

God bless,


Sunday Seed Thoughts: Father’s Day Reflections



Word of the Week:  Perspective



Children of Light:  Wake Up!



A Passage To Ponder; 2Thessalonians 2:13-17




The Power of Words




Friday’s List To Live By #45




From 7 years ago, today’s bonus post is based on one of the all-time favorite verses of the  Bible, John 3:16, and entitled “The Gospel in a Nutshell.”  It features a beautiful tribute to the passage–a piece you will want to print out and save.


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