Sunday Seed Thoughts: Worship Opportunities

Today Norma Jean and I are in Cedarville, Michigan, enjoying a bit of R&R in a rustic cabin by Lake Huron.

We expect this morning will be one of the highlights of our trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. No, not a tour of Mackinac Island. No, not seeing the cargo ships go through the locks at Sault Ste Marie. No, not a drive to the incredible dunes by the lake.

We’re looking forward to meeting and worshiping with the brethren at the Cedarville church. Whether I’m in the pulpit or sitting in the pew, we always look forward to visiting brethren when we’re traveling.

We’ve never felt like a vacation from work or the daily routine was a vacation from God or our spiritual relationships. Rather, it’s an opportunity to make new friends. Enjoy fellowship with those of like faith. Encourage others by our presence. Share a message from God’s Word. And, of course, worship God and remember Jesus’ Sunday morning resurrection.

For many people, today will be a day of fun and frolic. For some a day to sleep in late. And others a day to do some yard work, or catch up on household chores. Sadly, many people have no regard or thought for God’s ordained day of worship.

Maybe sadder yet, is that for some attendees, it’s just another Sunday to go to church. It’s part of their weekly routine. Their regular ritual. Their family. tradition. It’s normal. Habitual. And uneventful.

What about you?

Whether you’re at home or traveling, what does Sunday mean to you? Is it an exciting, anticipated opportunity to worship? Or a mundane, ordinary obligation?

Consider worship today as a blessed privilege and a wonderful opportunity to…

…Grow stronger faith.
…Feel greater zeal.
…Think nobler thoughts.
…Pursue new goals.
…Aspire to purer living.
…Reach higher aspirations.
…Enjoy expectant blessings.
…Experience increased love.
…Participate in familial fellowship.
…Acquire fuller understanding.
…Develop deeper devotion.
…Engage in loving service.
…Joyfully praise God.
…Gratefully honor Jesus.
…Respond with renewed commitment.

What opportunities will you seek, see and seize on this Lord’s Day?

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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  1. Andy Mitchell

    Thank you for your articles. I appreciate them.

    Andy Mitchell


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