Weekly Recap: June 6-11

Good morning from Beverly Hills, Florida

Today is a milestone for ThePreachersWord.  WordPress tells me this post  is #2700. When we began in 2012, there was no thought of this kind of longevity or goal.  So, how do you write 2700 posts?  One day at a time.  Sorta like life, eh?

We feel blessed and humbled by the encouragement from our readers to continue on.  Your kind words of commendation, suggestions, questions, and sharing this little blog have been reassuring and strengthening.  We appreciate it very much.   For whatever influence we have or good that is accomplished, we give God the glory.

Our weekly recap feature allows our readers in one post to catch up with past posts you may have missed this week, with its summary and quick links, as well as an opportunity to share ThePreachersWord with others.  The numbers reveal that this Saturday’s post is helpful.

We hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend.  Thanks again for your support

God bless,



Sunday Seed Thoughts: Church on the Sofa



Word of the Week:  Progress



Can an Atheist Come to Christ?



A Passage To Ponder:  Romans 12:3-8




Don’t Remove the Landmarks



Friday’s List To Live By #43





Here’s a post from 8 years ago on this date.  It tells a heartwarming story from the special Olympics and offers Five Characteristics of Caring Christians based on Acts 11:27-30. I think you will like it.





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  1. Congratulations and many more! 🙏


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