What Are You Craving?

This year I’ve been trying to improve my eating habits. Mainly reducing my sugar intake. And eliminating late-night junk food snacking.

I recently read that good nutrition is simple. To eat right, simply fill your plate with brightly colored foods. Greens. Reds. And Yellows.

Steve Shepherd, a Missouri preacher, said that’s what he tried. He just poured himself a bowl full of M&M’s. “It was delicious,” Steve said, “I never knew eating right could be so easy.

On a more serious note, how’s your spiritual diet? What are you consuming?  What are you craving?

In yesterday’s post, we noted in Hebrews 6 some had fallen away after they had “tasted the heavenly gift” and had “tasted the good word of God.” I wonder why? Did their taste change? Did they lose their appetite for spiritual sustenance? Did the junk food of the world become more appetizing?

The metaphor of “tasting” is powerful. Food is meant to be tasted. Enjoyed. Savored. So also is our relationship with the Lord. And with His Word.

In Psalm 34:8, David exclaimed, “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!”

Reading the Psalms reveals David’s close communion with God. He felt a special connection. And enjoyed Divine association. For David, his exposure to God’s goodness was empirical evidence of His existence. David had experienced a relationship with the Lord. And he invites us to relish God’s goodness.

Rather than just fill our minds with facts about God, we are challenged to fill our hearts with Him. Instead of just reading about Jesus, he wants us to eat the bread of life. To drink the water of life. To “taste Him.” We “taste” God’s goodness as we develop a relationship with Him.”

◆“Taste” God’s Goodness through His Word.

When I was a kid growing up my Mom had a rule, “No snacking before supper!” Oh, we could have a light snack after school, but as supper time drew near, if she caught me in the kitchen looking for something to eat, she would say, “Get out of here! You’ll ruin your appetite!”

Indeed her tasty meals were better than junk food! Don’t ruin your divine appetite with “spiritual junk food.” We can ingest mentally and emotionally personal opinions, human philosophy and secular wisdom that neither satisfies the soul or produces spiritual growth.

David was right, “How sweet are Your words to my taste, Sweeter than honey to my mouth!” (Ps 119:103)

◆“Taste” God’s Goodness Through His Protective Refuge.

David experienced many difficulties in life . Temptations. Trials. Taunts. He had been doubted by his family. Treated with contempt by his leaders. And chased like a wild animal by his enemies. But he never lost faith in God.

God was his refuge. His hiding place. His place of safety. Security. And solace.

◆“Taste” God’s Goodness in the Beauty of Nature.

Too often we rush hastily throughout life without appreciating the budding flower. The colorful rainbow. The resplendent sunset. The chirping bird. The gentle breeze. Take time to drink deeply from God’s creation.

◆“Taste” God’s Goodness in Christian Fellowship.

God purposed that we do more than believe. He wants us to belong. To belong to a church family. To belong to a warm fellowship. To belong to a caring community. When Christians take their rightful place in the spiritual family, it brings nourishment to the soul and sustains our spirit.

◆“Taste” God’s Goodness in Salvation through Christ.

Jesus came not for us to read about Him, but to know Him. To experience a relationship with Him. To “taste” him. Indeed Jesus is “the bread of life.”

Don’t be like the Hebrew Christians who lost their spiritual taste. Daily, “taste the Lord and see that He is good.”

In fact, may I kindly ask: “What are you craving?”

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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  1. Joseph craved the body of Jesus (Mark 15:43). He was an honourable counseller. He wanted to wrap Jesus in clean sheets and place Jesus in his very own stone fortified protective refuge. And there…Jesus was reborn and the Church began to bloom like a tree in spring. I a Jesus woman crave a Jo, a sweetheart, like Cephas who craves me and will bring me truly alive shrouded in God’s Love so that the two of us will be one and with our love clearly visible …the Church with its many branches will crave our presence and blossom and produce tasty fruit and sweet wine.


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