Weekly Recap: February 3-7


In case you missed any posts from ThePreachersWord from the past week, here is a brief summary and the quick links to get you caught up.


Word of the Week:  Pattern

“There are no such thing as a pattern for a church and Jesus did not build any church,” posted someone on facebook recently.  Is there a pattern?  Is “pattern” a Bible word?


Ten Questions About Our Entertainment Choices

In the wake of the hyper-sexualized Super-Bowl, half-time show, this post presents some Biblical principles to help us with our entertainment choices.



A Passage To Ponder:  Ephesians 1

This great chapter of the Bible provides insight into God’s plan for man’s salvation and the spiritual blessings we enjoy in Christ Jesus.



Does God Harden People’s Hearts?

Taken from the Exodus account of Moses leading the children of Israel, out of Egypt, this post explores how and why Pharoah’s heart was hardened.  Was it independent of his free will?  And what about today?  Does God harden people’s hearts?



Jesus’ Answer To A Politically Polarized Nation

ThePreachersWord reflects on an incredible following week the Super Bowl that was filled with political intrigue, insults, and acrimony on both sides of the political aisle.  Are there any answers?  What can a Christian do in this partisan environment?  What message does Jesus offer that can help us?


Have a good day.  And a great weekend.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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  1. Have a beautiful weekend! Blessings


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