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Two Evangelists Charged. Tried. Convicted.

Today, we conclude our top 10 posts of the year. This one is unique for 2 reasons. It is our first post to receive well over 100,000 reader views. Also due to some additional information, it required a follow-up clarification which was the #2 post of the year. You can click the link at the bottom of the post to read the follow-up, which I hope you do. Regardless, of the specific facts concerning the men involved, the point of both posts remains valid. Read with that thought in mind.



Yesterday a Bristol Magistrates’ Court in Great Britain convicted two men, Michael Overd and Michael Stockwell on “public order offences.”

What did they do that resulted in their arrest and conviction?

Was it public indecency? Disturbing the peace? Inciting a riot? Sexual harassment? Discharging a firearm? Disorderly conduct?

No. It was none of the above. I had to fact check this story, because it almost sounded like something from Babylon Bee.

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