People Who Need Financial Assistance Due To Hurricane Harvey

This September post about brethren affected by Hurricane Harvey was shared hundreds of times on facebook and received thousands of “hits” making it the 3rd most viewed in 2017. I am reblogging it to thank all of our readers for their help in assisting those in need. And to remind us that recovery is still a work in progress. No doubt there are those who are still ” underwater” financially due to this catastrophic event.


We’ve had several calls, texts, and emails from friends around the country about the flooding situation in Texas. We’re in North Texas in the DFW Metroplex and were not affected by the storm. However,  many  brethren in and around the Houston area were seriously impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

ThePreachersWord is sharing the following information, taken from the facebook page, Church of Christ families: Hurricane Relief Efforts, in an effort to further spread the word about how and who you can help.

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One response to “People Who Need Financial Assistance Due To Hurricane Harvey

  1. Enid Albat

    It takes a long time for recovery when a whole neighborhood is devastated. One Christian source tat steps up and helps immediately and in the long term is
    My only affiliation with them is as a donor. I hope people will check out this group especially the video for 2017 and step up before the year end and anytime

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