People Who Need Financial Assistance Due To Hurricane Harvey

We’ve had several calls, texts, and emails from friends around the country about the flooding situation in Texas. We’re in North Texas in the DFW Metroplex and were not affected by the storm. However,  many  brethren in and around the Houston area were seriously impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

ThePreachersWord is sharing the following information, taken from the facebook page, Church of Christ families: Hurricane Relief Efforts, in an effort to further spread the word about how and who you can help.

This list includes both individuals and churches with contact information. I appreciate those who have compiled it and pass it along with the exhortation from Galatians 6:10

“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”


This list will be updated by Crystal Goodwin Matthew Perez with names and contact info of people who have said they need financial assistance. Please comment on the post with info to include.

UPDATED: As of 9/4/17  11:24 AM

PayPals for: Dowlen Rd (Beaumont, TX); North Main (Vidor, TX)
Address for: Memorial (Port Arthur, TX) – they are working on setting up a PayPal
Update on Christians in Dickinson, Lake Jackson, and Bacliff!
*NEW* Update for Dowlen Rd. (Beaumont, TX) As of 6:00PM (Friday)

Hurricane Harvey SETX Relief:
[Houston and Surrounding Areas]
Kleinwood Church of Christ, TX (Klein, TX)

Preacher – Jeff Wilson, Brent Moody
Situation: From Jonathan Biaze,
· 8 flooded homes, plus a few other storm related losses (cars, leaky roof, etc.)
· “I don’t want to discourage from those that want to donate directly to our members, but the elders met after talking to everyone impacted and determined that at this time that the church was not in need of asking for donations. I hesitate to say there isn’t anything we need, but so far our non-impacted members have stepped up in amazing ways and are doing awesome things for those impacted.”
· Tyler & Kathryn Hanzelka (Flooded House, Lost Two Cars. Kathryn is pregnant0 – PayPal
· Eric and Grace Sparks — PayPal

Cy-Fair Church of Christ (Cy-Fair, TX)

Preachers: Drew Jones, Mark White
Situation: Some minor roof leaks to their building.  Nothing major.
· Mark White was evacuated from his home on Monday (8/28) morning by boat. Back safe – No Flood Damage! Will need help!
· Alan & Judy Helvey (Third time their house has flooded) —

Fry Road Church of Christ (Katy, TX)

· Chris and Jennifer Whitten (They have TWO small children and have lost everything! No flood insurance) — PayPal

Decker Prairie Church of Christ (Tomball, TX)
Contact – Mike & Jackie Moriarty (
Preacher: Tony Mauck
· Mike Moriaty (Flooded Home) *only one at this group*

The Woodlands Church of Christ (The Woodlands, TX)

Preacher: Don Hooten
Situation: As of 8/29/17
· “Personally, we are okay. We’ve had one family’s apartment under water. Two families evacuated and unsure yet of their home. Three people went to the ER for previous health issues and one baby was born. So there ya go!” – Don Hooten

Southside Church of Christ (Pasadena, TX)

Preachers: Dee Bowman, Bubba Garner, Jon Banning
Situation: As of 8/29/17 “We have about 10 families who took on water in their homes/cars. At least 2 of them may be a total loss (Dickinson/Friendswood area).” – Bubba Garner
· Mary Wilkins (Disabled Widow / Foot of Water in Home) – PayPal
· Kimber Beth Bollman (Young couple with a toddler. Lost their car to flooding – PayPal
· Jason & Miranda Crochet – (sustained the most damage / no flood insurance0 PayPal
· Josh & Heather Benson VandenEinde (Major damage / no flood insurance) – PayPal

Bellaire Church of Christ (Bellaire, TX)

Preacher: Steve Garrett
Situation: Numerous members have been impacted!
· Brian and Deb Haley (Had Brazos River flowing through their house. It will be days maybe weeks before they can get back in) — PayPal
· Steve & Muffy Garrett (Flooded Home)
· This relief/PayPal account will be given to the leadership and they will give appropriately:…

Pruett & Lobit Church of Christ (Baytown, TX)

Preacher: Jesse Flowers
· “For the most part, everyone’s doing really well from P&L.” – Jesse
· Corey & Tori Cunningham did get some water in their house. (They are young couple with a baby) – PayPal

Eastside Church of Christ (Baytown, TX)

Preacher: Zeke Flores, Marc Hinds
Contact: Tim Johnson (Primary Contact)
· Anyone wanting to help financially or with manpower. His number is 281-389-5190.
Situation: 11 Families Affected
· Jim & Roth Coker – Lost Everything!
· Christine Smith – House Flooded
· Mary Strown – House Flooded
· The Scolar’s – Apartment Flooded (Doing Ok)
· Zeke & Cheryl Flores – House Flooded (They have removed all carpet)
· Charles Chilson – Two back bedrooms flooded
· The Cromie’s – Rent House Flooded
· Mike & Brandi Ferguson – Laundry Room Flooded
· The Morales’ – Roof Leaks
· Janice Rogers – Parts of House Flooded (Doing Ok)
· Ronnie & Mary Hill – Some Flooding (Doing Ok)

Northeast Church of Christ (Crosby, TX)

Preacher: Matthew Perez, (210-535-4650),
Situation: 2 Families Affected; 1 Former Member
· David & Cheryl Dickerson – House Flooded; PayPal (Began clean-up on Thursday)
· Josie Calunga (Roof Leak/No Insurance) – PayPal
· Philip & Keri Nix – PayPal

[Beaumont, TX]
Dowlen Rd Church of Christ

Elder/Preacher – Max & Lee Dawson (
Situation: As of 9/1/17 @ 6:00PM
Drinking Water is still out but we have water being trucked in.
Water still rising from the river. Hope that crests in next 24 hours.
As of last night:
· 30 family homes are flooded
· 5 families/individuals with property damage
· 16 families displaced but unknown if flooded
(Note: some still having to leave today)
· 1 serious injury – a sister slipped and fell and was flown to Ben & Scott White in Temple, Texas. Surgery today at noon.
At this time our situation is still developing and it could be many more days before our families can even return home. We appreciate your continued prayers and support.”
– Greg Chesser, Elder
To contribute to Dowlen Road church for Harvey Relief for their members:
1) Use PayPal:
2) Mail checks to:
Dowlen Road Church of Christ
3060 Dowlen Road
Beaumont, TX 77706
Attn: Harvey Relief
As of now – Members with flooded homes as of now:
· Jerry & Ethel Arceneaux (elderly couple)
· Delores & Leo Barrier
· Ann Bennefield
· Thomas & Mandy Bonds (Four children)
· Delores Boyette (elderly widow)
· Cindy Chute
· Cathy Clark (single sister)
· Allen & Sarah Davis (elder)
· Tommy & Nita Day (elderly couple, injured sister)
· Gary & Melinda Decaney (one child)
· Daniel & Paula Ede (one child at home)
· David & Lisa Fenner (two children)
· Jason & Carmen Foster, Deacon (three children)
· Jared & Aimee Gallier (two children)
· Mike & Judy Gallier
· Ronald & Jackie Goolsby
· Sharon Hubbard (elderly)
· Jerry & Margaret Hunt (elderly couple)
· Kevin & Stephanie Kirby (two children)
· Phyllis LaPoint
· Eddie & Angie Laudig, Deacon
· Winston & Anita Levias, Deacon
· Terry & Kasandra Matthews, Deacon (1 child at home)
· Aubrey & Helen Mercer (elderly couple)
· Jarvis & Ashley Pippins (Daughter, Ellie 4 months old)
· Jessica Sanchez (two children)
· Kenneth & Faye Sanders
· Dale & Willie Mae Smith (elderly couple)
· Dana Teate (one child at home)
· Bob & Glenda Turner

Northwest Church of Christ

Preacher – Russ Bowman
From the elders at Northwest in Beaumont:
To all of those who have so graciously offered to help us,
Many of you have called, emailed, or texted with offers of assistance to our group. First of all, we are touched by and appreciative of your concern and offers. We are still in emergency mode in our area. Floodwaters have not receded, people are cut off, the water supply has been compromised in Beaumont proper, and things are a bit ugly. Please keep folks in your prayers.
The elders at Northwest have finally conferred (three of them have sustained some water issues – one with about three feet) and have made some decisions that I’m trying to pass along. We have some seventeen families who we believe have sustained some degree of damage. Some of these have flood insurance; some do not. We do not know yet the extent of their damages nor of their financial needs. But there will be some needs. Our congregation is financially capable of helping our own folks to some degree, especially with immediate needs. But any help that you may still want to provide will most certainly be useful in the bigger picture (demolition and reconstruction). With this is mind, we are offering the following information to those churches or individuals who would like to send financial assistance.
Checks may be made out to “Northwest church of Christ”. Please include the words “flood relief” somewhere on the check. We are going to use my personal mailing address as a reception point just for the sake of security. Please address any financial help to:
“Northwest church of Christ”
c/o Russ Bowman
164 Windsor Circle
Lumberton, TX, 77657
I will not be personally handling the money. We are simply using my mailing address. Any envelope so addressed will be handed, unopened, to our elders or treasurer.
We will account for these funds separate from our regular treasury. We will acknowledge receipt and carefully track expenditures. We will return any funds that are not used. Our elders will make decisions in view of individual needs, in accordance with the biblical example in Acts 11:27f. I would ask for your prayers for our elders that they are wise in their distribution. They are godly men and I would personally trust every penny I have with any of the four.
As to material resources or manpower that have been offered, please continue to contact me via phone, email, or Facebook. It will likely be several days before there will be access to flooded homes or even to our area. Obviously, anyone who would like to help with the demolition and cleanup are welcome, but that will occur over some days as different houses become accessible.
We thank you so much. The apostle Paul spent an entire journey focused upon raising funds for needy Christians because of the bonds of fellowship such sacrifices produce. I have personally been on both sides of such efforts. The love and kindness of brethren certainly binds us to one another. This church will ever be indebted to those who help.
There are other churches in our area – and down the entire Texas coast – who have suffered similar losses. Some are small groups with limited resources. As you are making decisions, please remember and consider them as well.
Thanks so much and please feel free to forward this to any who might be interested. A list of our folks who have been affected is below.
For the Northwest church,
Russ Bowman
164 Windsor Circle
Lumberton, TX 77657
(409) 673-0245
Those from Northwest that we know have flooded to some extent:
Bickley, David
Day, Jason
Day, Jon (House Flooded / No Insurance) PayPal
Drinkard, Beverly
Finley, Barbara
Fontenot, Bruce
Kirby, Stephanie
Lambert, Roger (Rent home underwater) — PayPal
Marcus, Edwin (No Flood Insurance) — PayPal PayPal.Me/jamesmarcus57
Nelson, Kyle
Rusche, Howard
Sekinger, Jack
Timmerman, Landy
Totino, David
Woodall, Billy
Brown, Loretta
Luquette, Lura Ann

[Mauriceville, TX]
Mauriceville Church

Preachers: Chris Eppler, Justin McCorkle
Situation: As of 8/31/17 10:36 PM – “There is no damage to the building at all. So far, we have somewhere around 15-20 families whose houses flooded. Not been able to confirm them all yet though.” – Chris Eppler
· Ernest & Karen Egulf, Elder (Home Affected) –PayPal

[Port Arthur, TX]
Memorial/Stonegate Church of Christ, 2525 Aero Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77640

Elders: Kenneth Barry (409-553-9546), Houston Hamby, Randy Robin
Preacher: Jeff Trahan
Situation: As of 9/1/17 10:00AM
“Ok, after many failed attempts yesterday to set up a PayPal account for the Memorial Church we’ve decided to do this the old fashioned way.
On behalf of the Memorial Church of Christ who meets at 2525 Aero Dr. in Port Arthur, Texas this is Kenneth Barry and I am an elder at this local congregation of God’s people.
As of this morning we know of at least 20 families who have sustained flood damage to their homes and who are now either living with family and friends or are trying to continue living in their houses. We first want to thank each of you from the depths of our hearts for your prayers and offers of support. These blessings have sustained us through this terrible disaster. Since the high water continues to cover many of our roadways at this time, we do not yet have a full assessment of the extent of the damage. However, we can assure you that it will be extensive and widespread. It is heartbreaking to think of how many of the Lord’s people have been effected along the Texas Gulf Coast. If anyone should desire to help our members locally you can send a check to the elders payable to the Memorial Church of Christ with the words ‘flood relief’ on the memo line. Our mailing address is :
Memorial Church of Christ
P.O. Box 150
Nederland, Texas 77627
Again, you will never know how much you have already done to lift our spirits by praying for us and offering to help. Though the words seem inadequate, we thank you!”
· Jerry and Regina (Flooded Home) – PayPal
· Rebecca Hughes and grandmother Tincy Hebert – PayPal
· Darrien and Nicole Duhon (Were set to close on a home in Bridge City this week that ended up being completely flooded out. They are back to square one in finding a place, but now when conditions are much more limited.)
· Jimmy and Terri Threadgill, Deacon (flooding in their home)
· JC Tucker (Flooding in his home. Possible loss of one vehicle.)
· Brady and Kay Simmons – (Home flooded)
· Aimee Davis (Home flooded)
· Jody Bennet (Elderly/disabled – Apartment flooded
· Larry Moore (Elderly – Apartment flooded)
· Andy & Tammy Crandall (Former elder that had to step down for health. Tammy has severe MS; about a 1/2 inch water throughout the house – Has Flood Insurance)
· Tony & Valerie Vela, Deacon (House flooded; Has flood insurance)
· Mike & Debbie Hebert (Water in their house)
· Dalores Tucker (House flooded)

[Vidor, TX]
North Main church of Christ (Vidor, TX)

Situation: As of 9/1/17 Noon
They have been hit especially hard, with just about all families inundated. As much as we might want to rush in to help, they are still in evacuation status, and cannot get to their homes.
Contacts: Ronnie Smith –
409 550-0133
(Deedra) 409 550-0655
Mark LeGendre- preacher & elder – 409 782-6525
(Gail) – 409 782-8169
good contact but not elder
James Chesser –
409 781-4015
PayPal for the congregation (they will distribute with to the needs)
Affected Members that we know of…
· Chris & Rachel Armstrong, Deacon (Their home has high water, waist deep / No Flood Insurance) – PayPal;
· Charlie and Tara Holder (Lost Everything / No Flood Insurance) – PayPal
· Ted & Junelle Gatza, Elder (Lost house and both vehicles to flooding.) – PayPal;
· Will &Glenda Duhon, Deacon (Lost their home to flooding – Property is likely to be condemned by FEMA)
· This is an older couple from North Main in Vidor. They just happened to be out of town when the hurricane hit but their house was flooded and they don’t have flood insurance! They don’t have paypal but their son and daughter-in-law will get the money to them. (Amber Partin LaRue’s grandparents

[Liberty, TX]
Maple St. Church of Christ

Preacher: Craig Rice
· Dale Mayfield (Flooded Home) – PayPal

[Texas City, TX]
Texas City Church of Christ, TX
Preacher: Randy King (703.395.4115) – PayPal – There was about an inch of water throughout their home.
Situation: The rest of the brethren in Texas City were all ok; however, the building had over a foot of water throughout.
· Randy lost many books he’s accumulated over 30 years, and lost some sermons as well.
· Also, many of the songbooks were damaged.
· There are no elders at the congregation so Randy would be the best contact for any assistance for there.

[Bacliff, TX]
Bacliff Church of Christ, TX (Between Kemah and Texas City on 146)

Denny Anderson, an elder at the Bacliff church of Christ [],
Situation: As of this morning 4 families from the church in Bacliff had their homes flood. The only members she knows of that are flooded from the church in Dickinson are:
· Tom and Joann Gast, which is the one I already knew of.

[Lake Jackson, TX]
Old Angleton Road church of Christ

Situation: All that water from Houston just made it down to Brazoria count.
· Phil & Tricia DeVille (Home was flooded last night. They are not in a flood plain. They do not have flood insurance and will need some help.) — PayPal

[Dickinson, TX]
Situation: I contacted another member from Dickinson tonight and she said that two of the three families have things taken care of. I’ll try to contact the third family tomorrow.

She did say that a couple from the church had their car flooded but not their home and could use financial help in getting another. The wife is in a wheelchair so it will need to have handicap access.


**Addendum from Russ Bowman: Other churches in the Beaumont area that have members who have been affected: Major Drive (Beaumont); West Groves; West Orange; Silsbee; Evadale; Buna.
** Need to check on Parkview (in Pasadena, TX), Texas City, Avenue N (Rosenberg, TX)

Added 9/2/17 @ 11:38 AM

Bellaire Church of Christ


If you are receiving this email, it is because you have reached out offering to send some sort of contribution to help Christians who have been affected by flooding in Houston in recent days. First of all, thank you. It has been so encouraging to see how many have reached out with an initiative and desire to help in some way. That being said, I know that all of you want to be generous as well as judicious in responding to this need, so I want to respect that. This email contains the information on how to donate money that will be distributed by our elders to those in our congregation that need it. But I also wanted to include some information for you to use as you make decisions in the coming days. First, here are the names and phone numbers of our elders, feel free to contact any and all of them and ask them whatever questions you have:

  • Mark Mann: 281-974-8410
  • Mike Pharris: 713-870-3878
  • Brian Haley 214-514-4806

Second, I wanted to give you a list of those among us that sustained serious damage. Some of these have lost more than others, but all of them had water in their house that is requiring a tear-out/clean-up of some sort. Some of these have flood insurance, others do not. Some have already been in their house with helpers, some can’t get back to their neighborhoods until the water subsides. Besides these there are likely others that

  • Harrison and Karen Banks – Took on inches of water all over the house, staying with family while they tear everything out and rebuild.
  • Larry and Sharon Benthall – Took on inches of water all over the house, staying with family while they clean out. 
  • Curby and Melva Stech – Had to be evacuated while water was rising in their house. Everything still under water. Staying with family.
  • Anita and Savannah Washington – Had to be evacuated while water was rising in the house. Staying with family, and a team of helpers is going tomorrow to see what work can be done.
  • Steve and Muffy Garrett – Took on inches of water all over the house, have been working to clean up and tear things out. Staying at home. 
  • Brian and Deb Haley – Took on inches of water all over the house. Still can’t get back to neighborhood. 
  • Ruben and Eloise Guzman – Took on two feet of water in the house, letting things dry out and assessing what they will do next. 
  • Terry Walker – Took on over a foot of water, had to take all his possessions out of apartment and will be displaced until he finds a permanent living situation. Terry is blind so all of this comes with an added level of difficulty.  
  • Bob and Erma – Not able to get back into their neighborhood, but confident they have taken on at least several inches of water in their house.
  • Willie Hurd – Had significant water leakage and had to have carpet torn out. 

Finally, here is the information on how to give. The easiest way is to go to our website,, where you will see a link that will take you to a page where you can donate to the PayPal account set up by our elders to collect and distribute to those affected. If you are familiar with PayPal, you can go on your account and send money to bellairecofc@gmail.comAnything helps and everything will be used to help Christians in need. Also, feel free to pass this information on to whoever may be asking. To avoid redundancy, I’d ask that you not copy and paste this to Facebook. If you use Facebook, you can go to our Bellaire church of Christ page and share the post that one of our elders recently made. 

Thank you again, so much, for your interest and desire. Again, please feel free to contact our elders, or myself, if you have any questions. We could never express how grateful we are for your generosity. 

In brotherly love,

Daniel Broadwell

Bacliff Church of Christ, Bacliff, TX

This is from Bill and Lauri Baker. Bill is an elder there.
We’ve had 5 families that were affected by the flooding rains:
Bill & Brenda Montgomery- 1ft in garage…8 in house they are currently
living with us because their home is uninhabitable-flood insurance-high
Glenda Brooks-widow
Forced the sell and move out-no flood insurance
Ginger Townsend-
1-3 inches and roof damage-no flood insurance
Ron & Donna Mitchell
1-3 inches-no flood insurance
Mark Townsend-1 ft in house- flood ins?
If you know someone who is interested is helping these needy saints they can
write a check to

PO Box 593
Bacliff, TX  77518

with “flood relief” in the memo

line. There will be a separate account set up to keep an accurate accounting
and the elders will oversee it.




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  1. lindarowlett

    Thank you for compiling all this info. for us.

  2. Rodney Glawson

    One small correction: The Cy-Fair building did not take on water. We had a few minor roof leaks but nothing substantial.

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    This September post about brethren affected by Hurricane Harvey was shared hundreds of times on facebook and received thousands of “hits” making it the 3rd most viewed in 2017. I am reblogging it to thank all of our readers for their help in assisting those in need. And to remind us that recovery is still a work in progress. No doubt there are those who are still ” underwater” financially due to this catastrophic event.

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