Happy Birthday America

Good morning!

I hope you’re enjoying this 4th of July holiday. Hopefully, it is a restful day for you. Peaceful. And family focused.

America is 241 years old today. As we get older, we like to reminiscence and reflect about the past.  

So, I have decided to take a break from blogging today. Sort of. I’m not posting something new, but am sharing some links to some previous posts that I’ve written about America over past 5 ½ years.

My first Fourth of July post was in 2012 and asked, “What can the Righteous Do?”

“Is America a God Fearing Nation?” was a post from July 4, 2013

You might be interested to know “What do Past Presidents Think of the Bible?”

From the column “It’s Friday. But Sunday’s Coming” is this post about “An Uncommon Freedom”

During the election last year we raised the question, “Does God want America to be Great Again?”

Following the election, we shared some thoughts about “7 Things Unchanged by the Election”

If you missed yesterday’s post, it was about freedom.

Have a great day!

Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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