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Personal Reflections on the Passing of Harry Pickup, Jr.

The passing of one of my early preaching, mentors, Harry Pickup Jr, was the inspiration for this post, which was widely received by our readers. It was the 3rd most read in 2016.


Pickup HarryC. R. Nichol was one of the great preachers, teachers and religious writers of the late 19th and early 20th century.   He was known, not only for his scholarly work, but for his wisdom and quick wit.

One morning, while taking a walk, a friend cheerily greeted him, “Good morning, Bro. Nichol, I see that you’re still in the land of the living.”

Without missing a beat, he quickly quipped as he walk on, “No. I’m in the land of the dying. But I hope one day to go to the land of the living.”

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