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7 Lessons Learned From Saul’s Flaws

We are down to the Final Four of our 12 days of reblogging. And there is a surprise entry. This 2013 post, which was not in the top 10 that year, has become the 4th most read post for 2016. You will be blessed by being reminded of these 7 great lessons from this flawed Bible character.


The BibleWe’ve been watching the History Channel’s presentation of The Bible from Executive Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett.  The reaction has been interesting.

Movie critics called it “fractious and overwrought,” “a further piece of evidence that drama and reverence don’t mix well,” and “a mini-series full of emoting that does not register emotionally.”

Predictability the Christian Post and similar news outlets have hailed The Bible as “awesome,” inspiring, and “spot on.”

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