Worship Strengthens

Christians find spiritual strength in many ways. Bible study. Prayer. Fellowship. But one way in which we can derive strength on a regular basis that touches all of our senses is through worship.

One writer defined worship as “an encounter with the living God.” I like that better than “worship experience.” Sometimes too much emphasis is placed on a subjective experience, or a manufactured or contrived experience. It is possible to have an experience, but not experience true, spiritual worship.

When we look beyond self and see God, we find the strength we need to live a Christ centered life. As we come to the table, we see the cross. As we pray, we entreat the throne. As we read the word, we hear His voice. As we sing, we feel His presence. As we give, we acknowledge His bounty and blessings.

Worship strengthens. It strengthens our resolve. Our commitment. Our relationship. Our Fellowship. Today, may we all find the strength that we need, and that He offers through worship.

—Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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    We are beginning our annual anniversary blogging break today. But here’s a 2016 post I hope you find encouraging on this day of worship.


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