There’s a missing word among many, if not most Christians.

Most preachers rarely, if ever, use the word

It’s found 53 times in the Bible.

It’s a word used by Jesus. John. Luke. Paul. Peter. And James.

We claim to believe it. Obey it. And teach it.

Ironically, we substitute another word in its place that is not found in the Bible!

Can you guess what the word is?


We talk about what the Bible says, yet the Bible word for its contents is Scripture!

The word “Scripture” literal means “a writing, or a thing written.” However, “scripture” is used to identify the sacred writings. Paul calls them “the holy Scriptures” (Rom. 1:2).

“Scripture” most often refers specifically to the Old Testament writings. The expression “the Scripture says” in the New Testament points back to a passage from an Old Testament prophet.

Jesus used the scriptures to point people to God and to identify Himself as the Messiah. (John 5:39)

The apostles argued from Scripture to prove their points, elicit faith in their hearers and demonstrate that Jesus was the Christ. (Acts 18:28)

2 Timothy 3:16, reminds us of the Scripture’s value.

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”

The apostle Paul affirmed that the Scripture is inspired. Not inspired in the sense of an “ah-ha” moment. Or a stroke of genuius. But in a divine sense. The word “inspired” literally means “God breathed.”

Paul affirms four ways the Scripture helps us.

(1) The Scripture shows you what is right!

Paul calls this doctrine or teaching. Without the Word we are ignorant of what is right in the sight of God. Paul said the Jews in his day were ignorant of God’s righteousness. Instead they established their own system of righteousness. It reminds me of some folks today.

We are admonished not to be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is (Eph. 5:17). The Scripture shows us what is right religiously. Morally. Ethically. I can know how to live right in my relationship with others. In my family life. In my business and social dealings. And most importantly how to be right with God!

(2) The Scripture shows you what is wrong!

Paul calls this reproof. It means to convict or refute error. The Scripture reproves us when we get off the path, when we get away from what is right.

The world today doesn’t know what is wrong. In fact, it’s not politically correct to say anything or anyone is wrong. The watch word today is tolerance. We are told that we must accept any idea, belief or lifestyle, regardless of how bizarre or outlandish it is! The only thing wrong, is to say anyone is wrong!

The Scripture teaches some things are wrong! It is wrong to lie. To lust. To cheat. To steal. To commit fornication. To hate others. To gossip. To be greedy. The Scripture is our standard. It rebukes us when we are wrong

(3) The Scripture help you get right!

Paul calls it correction. It means to straighten up or reform. Rectifying what is wrong. Setting things right. It’s the idea of admonition and restitution. It gets us on the right path. If we’re honest, we admit what is right and forsake what is wrong.

We get right by reforming our lives. By changing to conform to Truth. By allowing the Word to convict our consciences and change our lives. The Scripture will correct my attitude and fill me with love. Correct my motives and make them pure. Correct my actions and make them godly.

(4) The Scripture helps you stay right

Paul calls this instruction in righteousness. It’s nurturing, training and teaching. Righteousness stands in opposition to unrighteousness. The Scripture shows us how to live. Really live

Instruction in righteous living helps us to correct our mistakes, curb our passions, and control our lives by continued personal growth (2 Pet. 3:18). Through Bible Study (2 Tim. 2:15) Through a Closer Walk with God. Through Fellowship with Other Believers.

Like the Bereans, let’s “search the Scriptures daily!” (Acts 17:11) In them you will find eternal life.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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6 responses to “WORD OF THE WEEK

  1. Ken — You should bring this topic up only if you really want to fully talk about it.

    In trying to understand God’s Will on so many social (not so much individual responsibility) issues, how do you know who’s right and who’s wrong?

    If we go into a more liberal Church (such as a Methodist), what is taught, practiced, and what people believe is much different than more conservative Churches (such as Southern Baptist or Church of Christ).

    Differences in opinion have always existed in the Church — isn’t a key question how not to make these differences so divisive as to split Christians apart?

    On what could be applied to a whole list of social issues today (role of women, science, etc), I’m going to continue to bang away at the story of Paul, Timothy, and circumcision (until you show me I’m wrong in this example). Isn’t a key to weed out what’s really important and what’s not?

  2. Ken — Could you also talk about “cherry-picking” Scripture? For example, you just can’t talk about the sin of homosexuality in a vacuum. You also have to talk about Christ’s 2nd most important command. Hand in glove.

    • Jerry Crabb

      Stephen, I know you asked Ken to reply, but I hope you will not be upset if I put my two cents in. atheists use this deliberately to make it seem as if we haven’t a clear cut answer on what the answer is. I simply tell them all answers that you are wanting come from various parts of the bible, such as baptism. There’s several places to go to back up each answer you give them. Mark 16;16, Acts 2;38 and others. atheists know that cherry picking is used in obtaining information from any book you use, they do it to confuse the weak minded, not us that are mature in the spirit. Actually in writing 101 in college cherry picking actually is said to be a way to obtain one or more answers, so, tell them why they do it so those who are weak minded can become aware of just one of many tactics atheists use. I never capitalize godless people or places. Take care Stephen. I am a member of the Southside Church of Christ, non instrumental, as I feel those who were members of the CoC who know use instruments are lost and preaching and teaching false doctrine, and I put the blame on the elders of these congregations who are now just another man made church, so sad. I pray daily they will come back to the fold..

  3. Dear Jerry — Please clarify your use of the word “lost” in your above post. Usually the word “lost” means “unsaved”.

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