Word of the Week: Honorable

JoeyPrusakFor Dairy Queen employee, Joey Prusak, the past 18 months have been pretty amazing.  He’s made several national TV appearances, was called by Warren Buffet and invited to a shareholders meeting, and was a guest at the Daytona 500.  Pretty incredible stuff for the 19-year-old from Hopkins, MN.

It all began when one of his regular customers, a visually impaired man, accidentally dropped a $20 bill from his wallet.  What happened next, “shocked and sickened me,” said Joey.

“The lady behind him just picked it up and put it in her purse,” he told Yahoo News. “As if no one saw it.”

Prusak confronted her and said, “Ma’am, can you please return the gentleman’s money?'”

When the woman denied it, Joey told her that he could not serve someone so “disrespectful.”

After she stormed out of the store, Joey then reached into his own pocket, and turned to the customer and said, “Sir, on behalf of Dairy Queen, I would like to give you the $20 that you happened to drop on the ground as you walked away from the counter.”

Prusak’s calmness, kindness and integrity inspired a customer who witnessed the incident to email the store manger and post it on Reddit, causing the story to “go viral.”

Currently Prusak is seeking to secure investors so he can operate his own Dairy Queen franchise.

Our word of the week is “honorable.”

In a world where there is so much behavior that is dishonorable, disgraceful and degrading, it’s good to know there are honest and honorable folks like Joey Prusak.

The Bible says, “Beloved, I urge you as sojourners and exiles to abstain from the passions of the flesh, which wage war against your soul. Keep your conduct among the Gentiles honorable, so that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day of visitation. (1Pet. 2:11-12)

Dr. Thayer says “honorable” means, “beautiful to look at; magnificent, morally good, noble;  excellent in its nature and characteristics; beautiful by reason of purity of heart and life.”

In our text Peter offers 4 reasons for right living.  For being an honorable person.

          (1) You are beloved of God.

Eight times in his two epistles, Peter says that Christians are “beloved of God.”  It is a term of endearment. God called Jesus his “beloved Son.”

Being beloved by God is our motivation to live godly. Be holy.  And conduct ourselves honorably.

          2) You are a legal alien from another land.

Peter uses two terms that indicate our  temporary status in the this world: Sojourner and Pilgrim.  We’re residing here as strangers and foreigners. We are exiles.

Peter’s point is that our real citizenship is not here. Like the Patriarchs of old, we’re traveling through this land on the way to that heavenly city. So, don’t get too wrapped up in this world!

And how are we living?  Are we like an American going to another country  and behaving in such a way that gives Christians a bad name?  Are we honoring our King Jesus?  Are we exemplifying our Spiritual Constitution  Are we conducting ourselves honorably?

(3) You are in a war that you cannot afford to lose

Christian are fighting a spiritual warfare.  Against fleshly lusts that war against the soul.  Against the devil and his cohorts.  Against the sphere of wickedness and worldliness.  It’s a battle that has eternal consequences.

Warren Wiesbre, however,  makes a great point when he writes, “Our real battle  It is not with the people around us, but with passions within us.”  The woman who stole a blind man’s money lost when she gave in to greed.  Joey Prusak won when he chose to live honorably.

(4) You can silence your critics

People are watching us.  When our conduct is honorable the criticism of skeptics lacks validity. The acts of an honorable person speaks volumes about his life.  His attitude.  His character.

Honorable living has to do with character.  Integrity.  And virtue.  It’s not just something you do.  It’s the way you are.  Whether anyone is looking or not.

Decide to be good.  To deal honestly.  To live honorably.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman






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4 responses to “Word of the Week: Honorable

  1. tommythornhill

    It is wonderful that people conduct themselves as honorable as this young man, There are still those who are honorable and that is the example for Christians to follow.

  2. Mystic Comfort

    What a wonderful story!! I’m so glad, too, that the story went viral. People need to know that others are out there doing good, you know?

  3. Pastor Ken, this is such an important subject. This young man is a great example of an honorable person. He solved an issue creatively and graciously, and also with honor. Now imagine the training he will give his staff in his own business, and at many DQ owner conferences for years to come? And does the woman who took the $20 bill think that God can’t see her?

  4. Emily

    That is an amazing thing he did, we can all learn from his actions.

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