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My Response to President Obama



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Monday was a historical day.  On MLK day our first black President was sworn into office for a second term.  But there was something else.  For the first time in an Inaugural speech, a President used the word “gay” to address sexual orientation and promote same-sex marriage.

President Obama  also invoked “Stonewall” a gay bar in Greenwich, where in 1969 a police raid sparked riots.  He placed it the same category as 1848 Women’s right convention in Seneca Falls, and the 1965 civil rights March in Selma, Alabama.

And what is my response? 

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IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! In Honor and Memory of Ted Brewer


TedBrewer(This post was the second most viewed by our readers in2013)

I’ve said it before.  I hate death.  I hate the sorrow it brings.  I hate the emptiness it leaves.  I hate the relationships it ruptures.  I hate the burden it bears.

And Death ever lurks.  Looking over our shoulder.  Sneering. Leering.  Waiting to strike.  Leaving its hurt.  And about the time we’ve had some healing, death invades our homes and hearts again.

It seems to be happening all too often lately.  Last Sunday I received one of the calls.  I knew by the voice.  The tone.  The words that said, “Have you heard…..”  This time is was my friend Ted Brewer.

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“I WILL GO TO HIM ONE DAY”: In Memory of Baby Azaiah DeGarmo



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There is a sad story in the Old Testament about the death of King David’s infant son. When the baby became ill, David fasted, prayed and wept for six days. On the seventh day, David’s servants came with the anguished news, “He is dead.” David’s response is remarkable.

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“With this Ring, I thee Lease….”



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Picture this scene.

After a lovely dinner, under a full moon, Joshua gets down on one knee, opens a box with a sparkling diamond ring, hands it to Jessica and says, “Honey, I’d love to lease you…”

That doesn’t sound very romantic! Lease you?  Not marry you?  Well, not if Florida attorney, Paul Rampell has his way. 

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Where is the Tolerance and Respect for Diversity?

As we conclude 2013, we are featuring the top 9 posts of 2013. Interestingly, in view of recent events, this one came in at #5.



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Aaron and Melissa Klien have been the subject of protests.  Boycotts. And Public outrage.   In fact Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries has launched an official investigation.
“Everybody is entitled to their own beliefs, Commissioner Brad Avakian told The Oregonian but that doesn’t mean that folks have the right to discriminate.” Presumably in referring to the Klien’s, Avakian also said,  “The goal is to rehabilitate.”

So who are Aaron and Melissa Klien?  And what intolerable offense did they commit?

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“Facing the Music” When I Don’t Like the Song

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David Cawston, in a sermon entitled “Ready to Face the Music,” began with this riddle. Can you guess the answer?

“There is a preacher of the old school, but he speaks as boldly as ever. He is not popular though the world is his parish, and he travels every part of the globe and speaks in every language. He visits the poor, calls upon the rich, preaches to people of every religion and no religion, and the subject of his sermon is always the same. He is an eloquent preacher, often stirring feelings which no other preacher could in bringing tears to eyes that never weep. His arguments none are able to refute, nor is there any heart that has remained unmoved by the force of his appeals. He shatters life with his message. Most people hate him; everyone…

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A Refuge in Times of Trouble

As we close the year, ThePreachersWord is taking a little break. But we are reblogging the top 9 post in terms of hits for 2013. This one came in at #7



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The Old Testament Patriarch, Job, observed over 3,000 years ago, “Man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble.”

I have been reminded of that this week.  Again.

Rescue teams have been searching the Barren River in Bowling Green, Kentucky, looking for Adam Smelser, missing since Sunday afternoon.  Evidently he went for a run.  Then a swim. And hasn’t been seen since.  I feel the grief and heart-break of his parents, family and friends.

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Are You Willing to Die for Jesus?


A Kenyan policeman walks inside the African Inland Church after an attack in Garissa

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From Pakistan to Egypt.  From Kenya to Syria.  And all across the Muslim world it has been an “open season on Christians.”  Seventy-eight people professing Christianity were slaughtered Sunday by twin suicide bombers at a church in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

In a Kenyan shopping mall, a gang of Islamic extremists from Somalia murdered at least 68 workers and shoppers.  Reportedly they shouted for “Muslims to get out-of-the-way so they could specifically kill Christians.”

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Bill Cosby “Calls Out” Vulgar Culture


Cosby.Bill(Note:  We are taking a “holiday break” and re-posting the top 9 posts in 2013 based on the number of hits.  Although only posted a month ago, this one came in at #9)

“We are not a vulgar culture,” said Bill Cosby in a speech at Tuskegee University earlier this month.

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A Personal Word from ThePreachersWord

Ken.NormaGood Morning!

Today’s post is coming to you from Branson, MO, as Norma Jean and I enjoy a couple of days of R & R with some good friends Cal & Billie Mann.

It’s 33 degrees here as darkness is beginning to dissipate into the early morning dawn.  As I sip a hot cup of coffee and write today’s post for ThePreachersWord, I wanted to use this opportunity to share a few personal thoughts with our readers around the world. Continue reading


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