Isn’t cruise control a great invention? I don’t take a lot of long trips by automobile, but when I do it’s a great feature to have. On our trip last week from Tampa to Kansas City there were mainly interstate highways. Fortunately, the traffic wasn’t very heavy. So, I kept it on cruise control most of the time. The drive was pleasant. We just cruised along.

It’s especially wonderful not to worry about how fast you are going,  just put it on cruise. Also, you are going at a nice steady pace and it eliminates one area of concentration, making driving less tiring and more enjoyable. You save gas.  And, not that any of us would exceed the speed limit, but control cruise keeps you in line with the speed laws. No worry about speeding tickets. Nice.

While cruise control is great for cars, it is not so great in other areas of our lives. In fact, it’s a very dangerous state for the Christian to be on cruise control. The Lord warns, “I would rather you be hot or cold…but lukewarm makes me sick.’ (Rev. 3:15). The church at Laodicea was on cruise control. Not consecrating. Not expending any real effort. Not thinking too much about what they were doing. Just cruising along.

How many of us get like that in various areas of our Christian life? I think it’s especially dangerous for those who’ve been Christians a long time. And if you are a second or third-generation Christian it is even more serious. We know the “drill.” We’re experienced Christians. Hey, we can recite the “plan of salvation” in our sleep. So, consider these questions and ask yourself, “Am I cruising?”

Am I cruising as a Bible class teacher? I know the Bible. I’ve taught many times. Even the same material. No need for a lot of preparation. Just teach what I did last time. Am I cruising?

Am I cruising in the area of my personal growth? I wonder how many feel like they have arrived with no real need to learn more? To develop new skills? To grow more spiritual Am I cruising?

Am I cruising in my relationships? With my wife? My children? My parents? My brethren? For relationships to stay healthy and strong, it takes attention. Time. Energy. Effort. When we cruise, we will find ourselves drifting apart from those with whom we were once close. In fact, you hear people say, “We just drifted apart.” Why? They were on cruise control.

Am I cruising in my intimacy with God? Do I take my fellowship with Him for granted? Am I talking to Him daily? Am I listening to Him daily? Am I seeking greater piety? Deeper devotion? Closer kinship? Am I cruising?

On a long automobile trip, it’s great to be on cruise control. But in our Christian lives, we need to put the pedal to the metal. Remember this: When you cruise, you lose.

–Ken Weliever, , The Preacherman


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4 responses to “ARE YOU CRUISING?

  1. Steve

    This reminded me of an article I read recently about being “devoted” and the lack of real devotion.


  2. Fae

    Cruisin’ for a bruisin’ was commonly heard when we were kids. Our relationship with God is bruised when we cruise. Thanks for your message!!


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