Repair and Maintenance

I’m sitting in Par Automotive in Tampa as I write my blog for today.  I came because I noticed a couple of the tires on Norma’s car had a rather balding look to them.  Turns out that I need a entire new set.  When I pulled in I  looked at the maintenance sticker, I was due for an oil change.  Ok.  No problem.

But I also need a front-end alignment.  Well, I guess that comes with the territory.  Now my friend, Tim Engle who owns Par, informs me, “You need new brakes!”

“Don’t tell me that!” I exclaimed.

Good-naturedly Tim shrugged his shoulders and said, “Ok, you don’t.”

“Do I Really? “

“Yes,” he replied.

“But the rotors are ok, right?”

“No,” said Tim.  “They’re hot,” you need new ones!  “Don’t worry, they’re not expensive on that car.”


All of this has got me to thinking.  And changing my post for today.  No, I’m not soliciting funds for car expenses. But it got me to thinking  how this is a metaphor for life.  Repair and maintenance.

Suppose I told Tim.  I’m not spending that much.  I just want two tires.  Forget the oil change.  No brakes.  I drove over here.  I’ll be fine driving home.  Besides Norma will never know the difference.  We all know what would happen sooner or later without the proper automotive repair and maintenance.

Yet how often do we ignore the warning signs for repair and maintenance of the soul? The spirit?  The mind?

Too many folks are trying to cruise-control through life with little thought for self examination.  Maybe it takes having “flat tire,” in some relationship before we see the need to change.  Or our emotional gas tank is running on empty and we try to make it to the next exit without refueling. Sometimes temptation comes along and our spiritual brakes are shot and we can’t stop in time.

What is needed?  Spiritual repair and maintenance.  We need to get into the Word.  Talk to God in prayer.  Spend some time in fellowship with those who can help.  It’s interesting that some folks “go to church,” hear what they need to do, but say, “Don’t tell me that!”  Or “I made it here.  And I’ll make it home fine, thank you.”  Why do we believe a good mechanic more quickly than a knowledgeable preacher?  Or a godly Shepherd?  Or a devout Christian friend?  We’re told some repairs are needed, but we choose to ignore their advice.

Automotive maintenance requires the effort to come to the mechanic, time spent waiting for the work to be completed, and money invested to provide a safe and reliable ride for my wife.  Nothing shocking there!  But, that is also true spiritually.  To repair a broken home, a ruptured relationship or a rotten attitude will require the same things.  A commitment to make the effort.  A willingness to invest the time.  And sometimes even the expenditure of money.

Sometimes we have a maintenance issue and don’t even know it.

Steve Shepherd tells about the time his 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with over 100,000 miles on it was making noise. He  said it sounded like the valve tappets were rattling. His son, Shane said, “Dad, did you check your oil?” I said, “No, it doesn’t use oil.” “However, I went out and checked my oil and it didn’t even register on the dipstick. I could hardly believe it. I just happened to have some oil and put two quarts in the engine and it just barely showed on the dipstick. Later, I discovered that I had an oil leak that I didn’t know about.”  How often is this true in our family relationships?  One guy said, “My wife is leaving me and I didn’t even know she was unhappy!”

Regular maintenance is important.  It can save you heartaches. Headaches.  Time. Energy.  And in the long term even money.  And not just for your car!

 –Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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10 responses to “Repair and Maintenance

  1. Charlie Brackett

    Good article, Ken. And, thanks for the birthday greeting. Hope you two are well and there are no oil leaks. 🙂 Love in Him, Charlie


  2. Mark Roberts

    good stuff today Ken!


  3. Essie HARRISON

    Essie Harrison

    Thank you for this on time article! God’s timming is awesome. I had a simular conversation with one of my christan friends recently about the maintenance of the(my) spiritual body. This is the start(er) that I have been needing for a long time. This is the start … repairing and maintaining my spiritual body!


  4. Erica Canup

    Ken! I miss hearing you so much at NB. You’re lessons and posts are so applicable – getting them on my email will help me keep up with them. Thanks for doing these!


  5. Akaninyene Robert

    I wish to have your permission to share your articles with my facebook friends and other friends of mine. On the other hand, leading them to your blog.


    • Robert, I’m always happy for people to share the articles on my blog. The way I would like for you to do it, is to go to my blog and at the bottom click the “facebook” tab.I box willl appear that ask if you wantto post on your page, or with friends.You can then postthem on your own facebook page. Then you can share it with any of your friends. That way we can drive more “traffic’ to the blog page and more people can be exposed to the truth. Also I post everyday on Facebook. And I have friended you, so as soon as you accept you can see those post on my page everyday. Thanks for asking. And thanks for sharing ThePreachersWord in Nigeria. God bless Ken

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