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Word of the Week: Truth

Truth.BoulderA businessman was interviewing applicants for the position of divisional manager. He devised a simple test to select the most suitable person for the job. He asked each applicant the question, “What is two and two?”

The first interviewee was a journalist. His answer was “twenty-two.”

The second applicant was an engineer. He pulled out a calculator and showed the answer to be between 3.999 and 4.001.

The next person was a lawyer. He stated that in the case of Jenkins v. Commr. of Stamp Duties, two and two was proven to be four.

The last applicant was an accountant. The businessman asked him, “How much is two and two?”

The accountant got up from his chair, went over to the door, closed it then came back and sat down. He leaned across the desk and said in a low voice, Continue reading


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Should Christians Quit Saying “The Bible is the Word of God”?

Bibe.MS“It isn’t inerrant and not likely even in the “original manuscripts.” But then, I cannot say that with absolute certainty, anymore than anyone else can either, writes Steve McSwain in the Huffington Post regarding the Bible.

McSwain, who is billed as a “Thought Leader, author, speaker and spiritual teacher,” posted this under the title “Six Things Christians should just stop Saying.”   Why does McSwain make this charge?  His answer? Continue reading


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What Can A Single Seed Do?

A seed.  Small.  Seemingly insignificant.  Forgotten.  But  filled with potential for growth.  For greatness.

  A single seed of corn can grow a huge stalk with one or two ears of corn.  A single ear of field corn can have as many as 700 seeds.  So, one seed reproduced itself 1400 times!  Incredible! Continue reading


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