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Psalm 8

The 17th century German astronomer, Johannes Kepler, was said to be a deeply religious man who was a Creationist.

The story’s told, though it may be apocryphal, that Kepler was troubled by a friend who denied God’s existence. In order to convince him, Kepler constructed a model of the universe with the sun and the planets revolving around it.

When the friend visited his Observatory one day and saw the model, he exclaimed, “How beautiful it is! Who made it?” Continue reading


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When John 3:16 is Objectionable

Rollen Stewart became known as the John 3:16 guy. Remember him?

Stewart wore a rainbow colored wig and attended sporting events either wearing a T-shirt or holding up a sign that read “John 3:16.” At football games, he would often be sitting behind the goal posts, or a baseball game behind home plate, so the cameras would televise his message. Continue reading

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John 3:16–The Heart of the Gospel

John 3:16.

It is probably the best known verse in the Bible.  Years ago you would see a guy at a football game wearing a rainbow-colored wig holding up a John 3:16 sign.  Back in the 1970’s, there was a man in St. Petersburg, Florida, John Michael Cook, who legally changed his name to John 3:16 Cook.   He operated a mission downtown and ministered to the homeless, alcoholics, and drug addicts. Continue reading


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Seeing Life Through A Different Lens

“It still wasn’t a bad day,” said Denver Quarterback Tim Tebow. “It still was a good day.”  What day was he talking about?  When he had a flat tire on his car?  Or his cell phone died?  Probably when he had an off game, but the team still won?  Right?

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