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Sunday Seed Thoughts: Worship

Seed Thoughts

In his book, The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren writes, “The heart of worship is surrender.” He suggests that the idea of surrender is both unpopular as well as disliked. We are taught NOT to surrender. Never give up. Never give in. Fight to the bitter end. Continue reading

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The Bible

Surrender is a bad word today.

Surrender means losing. Quitting. Failing. It evokes images of a soldier “raising the white flag.” Of a boxer” throwing in the towel.” Or a wrestler “Tapping out.”

Surrender is negative. It is yielding to an opponent. Admitting defeat. Or forfeiting the contest. Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Obey

Little.Boy.ChairThere was a rambunctious little boy who was always getting into trouble.  One particular day when his Mother was trying to get some house work finished, he was into everything.  Undoing what she has done.  Causing havoc.  And generally getting on her nerves.

Finally she said, go sit down in that chair in the corner and be quiet!  He looked at her defiantly and said, “No.”  Well, that did it.  She picked up.  Took him to the chair.  Sit him down with some authority.  And said firmly, “You stay in the chair, until I tell you get up, or you’re going to get a whipping!” Continue reading


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Bruce Larson, in Believe and Belong, tells how he helped people struggling to surrender their lives to Christ:

For many years I worked in New York City and counseled at my office any number of people who were wrestling with this yes-or-no decision. Often I would suggest they walk with me from my office down to the RCA Building (now the GE Building in Rockefeller Plaza) on Fifth Avenue. In the entrance of that building is a gigantic statue of Atlas, a beautifully proportioned man who, with all his muscles straining, is holding the world upon his shoulders. There he is, the most powerfully built man in the world, and he can barely stand up under this burden. ‘Now that’s one way to live,’ I would point out to my companion, ‘trying to carry the world on your shoulders. But now come across the street with me.’ Continue reading


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