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Is There Another “Son of God”?

Is Jesus the “only begotten Son of God?

Apparently, Apollo Quiboloy, the megachurch preacher from the Philippines doesn’t think so.

Actually, I had never heard of Quiboloy who boasts some 6 million tithing followers in that country and worldwide, until he made the news when he was detained by federal agents in Honolulu, Hawaii, last Thursday. Agents discovered $350,000 in cash and parts to assemble military-style rifles were discovered on his private jet. Continue reading

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The Bible

Last Friday night, Norma Jean and I saw the movie Son of God.  Without critiquing the movie’s “mistakes”, overall we enjoyed the movie and found it inspirational.

The thesis of the movie is  captured in the title: SON OF GOD.  It is in stark contrast to many other movies through the years that cast doubt on Jesus’ Deity.  The 1973 Rock Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, written by Andrew Loyd Webber and Tim Rice, pictured Jesus as a mere man, questioning and doubting the whole idea of dying on the cross. Continue reading


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