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The Gospel in a Nutshell


The Protestant reformer Martin Luther called it “the gospel in miniature.”

Biblical Commentator William Barclay wrote that it is “the very essence of the Gospel.”

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy stated, “This is the promise that bears hope for the hopeless.”

Gospel preacher, Robert Jackson, entitled it “The greatest sentence ever written.”  Continue reading


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Is Just Following Your Conscience Good Enough For God?

Repubblicacover-255x337Does God “forgive those who are unbelievers and do not seek faith?”

The Catholic Pope, Francis, was asked this question by Eugenio Sscalfari, an avowed atheist and founder of the liberal Italian newspaper La Repubblica. The Pope responded with a recently published front page letter.

Here’s what he wrote. Continue reading


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Some Things I Know


Yesterday I was listening to an old song by singer and song writer, Lee Ann Womack, who is known for her traditional country-style.  The top twenty song, entitled Some Things I know, begins with these lyrics: Continue reading

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What is Whiter Than Snow?


“As white as the driven snow,” wrote Shakespeare in A Winter’s Tale. In Macbeth the poet used the expression “pure as snow.”  Is there any better metaphor for whiteness than snow?

We witnessed this first hand recently in Kansas City, Missouri.  We’ve had snow.  Lots of it!  Over two feet.  Following the first snow, Norma Jean and I marveled one night on how light everything looked behind our house.  The snow was so white.  So bright.  So intense in color that it looked like day light!

But do you know what’s whiter than snow? Continue reading


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Do You Really Understand the Theme of the Bible?

“Why did Jesus die?’  “What does that have to do with sin?  “Why is the Bible such a bloody book?” These are some of the questions asked and answered today by Ken Craig on the Florida College lecture program. He also addressed the issue of the relevance of the Old Testament for a 21st century generation that must find relevancy in everything.

I knew of Ken Craig through my friend Dan DeGarmo.  And was familiar with his book “The Big Picture of the Bible.”  But today I was privileged both to hear and meet him. His lecture, “The Sacrificial System: The Offering of the Body of Jesus Christ Once and for All,” was a demonstration of his “Big Picture” view of the Bible.  It is an excellent approach.

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