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Hebrews 11:4

In one of his sermons W. A. Criswell told a story about the president of a great railway system who died.

“The funeral service was held at two o’clock on a weekday afternoon. At that exact moment, every train came to a dead stop. Every wheel ceased to turn. Every workman dropped his tools. Every clerk turned from his files. For three minutes, the entire vast railway system came to a complete stop.” Continue reading


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Introducing Roy Sharp Thompson


Life is filled with many milestones. Some exciting. Others sad. Many that are the common experience of all human beings: Your first day at school. Graduation. Your first job. College. Marriage. And the birth of your first child.

Yesterday, September, 24, 2014, was such a milestone for the Weliever family. Our daughter, Rachél, gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy–Roy Sharp Thompson. He entered this world at 3:23 pm EST, weighed in at 7lb, 7 oz,  and is 20″ long.

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Thinking About My Dad

Sunday is Father’s Day and I’m preaching a lesson about “How to Be A Great Dad.” But let’s be honest. Father’s day is just not as big a deal as Mother’s Day! Restaurants are not as crowded. Phone circuits are not jammed. Hallmark’s business is not as great as on Mother’s Day. And even church attendance doesn’t compare to Mother’s Day!

But that’s understandable, because typically fathers are not as sentimental as mothers. However, let me share a bit of sentiment as I think about my Dad who passed away 18 years ago and pay tribute to dads.” Continue reading


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The Memory of the Righteous

 Memory can  be a wonderful blessing.  It can bring smiles, laughs, or even tears of joy as we look at pictures, share stories, or just think about the good times of by gone days.  One writer said, “Memory is the way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.” Continue reading


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