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Word of the Week: Ability

The late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, known for his best-selling book The Power of Positive Thinking, once related this humorous incident.

Following one of his speeches he was shaking hands and greeting people when he noticed a woman looking at him with a steady gaze. Finally, he went over to her and asked, “Madam, did you want to speak to me?”

“Hello, Norman,” she said. “Don’t you remember me?”

“Well, you have a familiar look,” Peale replied. “But I can’t place you.” Continue reading


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Overcoming Life’s Failures


March Madness is here!

For the non-sports fan, I’m not talking about the weather!  The NCAA basketball tournament begins this week.  If you’re a basketball fan, it’s a great three-week ride.

There will be upsets.  Highs and lows.  Ups and downs.  Incredible plays.  Smiles and tears. Success and failure.  Predictably, there will be a game where a team has a lead, then becomes tentative.  Quits making the plays that put them ahead.  At that point, the color commentator will say, “They’re playing not to lose, instead of playing to win.” Continue reading

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