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Take Off Your Mask

“To mask or not to mask,” that is the question of our time. Not just in society in general, but among Christians and church attendees.

In the past 8 months, we’ve worshiped with 14 different congregations in 9 different states. Each one has approached wearing masks in worship differently. Some churches requested everyone wear a mask. Others didn’t, and very few wore masks. In some places, it was suggested, but not required. In one church there were masks and no masks sections.

To all Christians everywhere we suggest, “Take off your masks.” Continue reading


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Sunday Seed Thoughts: No Masks

Today church buildings around the country, and I suppose around the world, will be filled with worshipers wearing masks.

If you think it looks odd, you ought to be the one preaching from the pulpit and look at an entire assembly of masked men and women.

There’s been much controversy, especially among Christians and religious conservatives, about wearing masks. The efficacy of wearing masks has been discussed, debated, denied and of course, politicized.

To all Christians, we offer this spiritual advice: “No masks.” Continue reading


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