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Will Bagels and Coffee Improve our Worship?

“During our years of church planting, we tried to change people’s perceptions about what the Sunday worship would look like,” wrote Michelle Lazurek, in a recent Crosswalk.com article.

“We took out pews and replaced them with pub tables and chairs, added lights and a stage and most importantly,” the award-winning author and preacher’s wife said, “(we) added a breakfast bar where people could grab bagels and other breakfast foods and coffee during the service.”

Lazurek admitted, “Not everyone loved these changes.” Continue reading


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communionTableFor as long as I can recall, going back to my childhood days, ingrained in my memory is the period of worship when we partake of the Lord’s supper.

I remember the solemnity of the occasion before I totally understood what it meant.  A song was sung “to prepare our minds.”   The men would go forward in suits and ties.  The one presiding would often read from I Corinthians 11 or one of the gospel accounts where Jesus instituted the supper.  Then make a few appropriate remarks. Continue reading


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As We Eat the Lord’s Supper

Today, am I worshiping with the brethren in Kettering, Ohio.  It brings back fond  memories.  I used to preach here.  We were a young married couple and Kenny was just a baby when we came.  The brethren were good to us.  And they gave us an opportunity to learn. To grow.  To minister.  And so I come back to preach in a meeting. But on this day, I will join with them in eating the Lord’s Supper.  Continue reading


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