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john 1.14

This week I am participating in the 36th annual Southside lectures in Pasadena, Texas.  It is a wonderful experience and great joy to be with these brethren and to hear powerful lessons by my preaching comrades.  Each brings their own unique style, insights and experience to their assigned lessons.

Yesterday morning my friend, Kenny Moorer, spoke on one of the most profound themes in the  Bible, ‘The Word was Made Flesh”, and presented it in a simple, easy to understand fashion.  This doctrine is found in one of the great Bible verses, John 1:14 Continue reading

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God’s Love and Mercy for Sinners

Great Bible Themes

“Great Bible Themes” is the focus of the 36th annual Southside Lecture. My preaching colleagues and I began with four fundamental lessons that speak to human need and God’s empathy for the human race.

Don Truex addressed “The Disastrous Effects of Sin.” Roger Shouse shared “The Vastness and Beauty of God’s Love.” Kenny Moorer expounded on “The Wideness of God’s Mercy.” And I spoke of “The Joy of Fellowship with God.”

These four great themes deal with the reality of life. The nature of mankind. The need that is common to us. And the nature and personality of our Creator. Continue reading

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