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Sunday Seed Thoughts: Father’s Day Reflections

Today finds me and Norma Jean in Centerville, Ohio, where I’m preaching for the Cornerstone Church, formerly known as the Kettering Church.

It’s special being with these brethren, again. We worked with the Kettering church back in the 1970s. We’ve maintained a good and close with relationship with these brethren through the years, have returned for gospel meetings several times.

Also, this is where I became a father. I had just begun preaching at Kettering when Kenny was born the day following Mother’s Day. Like any young, inexperienced couple with this first child, parenting was a sharp learning curve, often through learning trial and error. Continue reading

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Friday’s List To Live By #44

With Father’s Day approaching, I pulled out my file on fathers came across this Top Ten List.

No source was attributed, but it’s purported to be based on a survey of elementary children who shared what they liked most about their fathers.

While some specifics of this might be a little different in 2021, I think the suggestions and sentiment of this list continues to be relevant. Continue reading

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Sunday Seed Thoughts: Happy Father’s Day

A small boy was overheard to say, “Father’s day is just like Mother’s Day…only you don’t spend as much on a gift.“

To which one dad quipped, “What gift?”

Now this is not “sour grapes.” Father’s Day is just not as big a deal as Mother’s Day. Church attendance is greater on Mother’s day than Father’s Day. Before the days of cell phones it was documented that more long distance calls were made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year. But more collect calls were made on Father’s day than any other day of the year! Continue reading


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