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The Gospel: Good News!


While away in Florida earlier this month, I got out of the routine of watching the morning and evening shows that I typically watch.  And since returning home, I’ve not gotten back into that habit.

Yesterday, I turned on one of the shows I like to watch, and it was still about the same old news I heard a month a ago!  And a year ago!  Much of it bad news!  Negative news!  Depressing news! Continue reading


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What’s the World Coming To?

NewsRecent news headlines are pretty depressing. 

“No Pants Subway Day” Yes, it is what it sounds like!  In 60 cities across the world people rode the subway sans their pants.  Acting as if everything was normal people waited, boarded and rode the subway in their boxers, briefs and panties.  The twelfth annual event is said to have attracted over 4,000 participants in New York City.

As we shake our collective heads in utter disbelief and disgust, there is more…. Continue reading


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What Do You Know Good?


“Preacher, what da’ ya’ know good?”  asked D. B. Whittle.  This was always the first question the aged brother would ask when I went to visit him in the nursing home.

It’s been a lot of years since we lived in Palmetto, Florida. I was a young preacher.  Learning. Growing.  Making mistakes.  But trying to get better.  And the brethren helped me.   Our family has great memories of those 9 years.   Wonderful friendships were formed that exist to this day. Continue reading


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