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Word of the Week: Genuine

Chuck Swindoll, in his book Growing Deep in the Christian Life, tells a story that occurred in Long Beach, California, several years ago at a fast-food fried chicken joint.

Late one afternoon a man and his date stopped for two chicken dinners to take on a picnic. However, after driving to a secluded spot to eat they opened the sack and discovered over $800 in cash. The lady at the counter inadvertently gave him the sack with the proceeds from that day’s sales. Continue reading


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Who is Jesus’ Disciple?


George Whitfield conducted outdoor evangelistic  campaigns in the 1700’s throughout the American colonies, a period of revival called the “Great Awakening.”

Thousands responded to his Gospel message.  Once he was asked how many were converted after one of his sermons.  He replied, “We’ll know in five years.”  Continue reading


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