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God is Light

Light.God is

This week Norma Jean and I are in Tampa, Florida, attending the Florida College Lectures. This year’s theme is: “Light Shall shine Out of Darkness: God’s Light in an Age of Darkness.”

In the forward to the lecture book, Florida College President Buddy Payne wrote, “Ever since the beginning of the world, God has proven Himself to be the Giver of Light in all its forms.  He inhabits light.  He is light.  He made the light of this world, and He has sent His spiritual light to earth personably in Jesus, who Himself is the Light of the World.  Everything God is and does is described as light.”  Continue reading

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A Man After God’s Own Heart


 “A man after my own heart” has become an English idiom.  It refers to one with whom we have an affinity.  A bond.  A kindred spirit.  It is an endearing expression that speaks to someone who shares similar tastes.

Bible students quickly relate to the statement regarding King David.  When Saul disobeyed God, the prophet Samuel told him that God was removing him from the throne and replacing him with another King.  He said, “The Lord has sought for Himself a man after His own heart.”  Paul also referenced it in Acts 13:22.  Continue reading

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Where Did Saul Go Wrong?

The Bible

The theme this year at the Florida College Lectures is Lessons From the Kings of Israel and Judah. 

Yesterday I heard Luke Chandler present a very practical lesson on King Saul that not only depicted Saul’s sins, but warned and reminded us not to make the same mistakes.  Continue reading


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How Can I Know God’s Will?


I was talking to a lady last week who was being evicted from her apartment.  She  expected the Judge to evict her in three days.  However, to her surprise,  she was given two weeks.

She suggested to me that it was God’s will.  God gave her an extra two weeks.  I’m not so sure that apartment manager thought it was the will of God for this woman to get two months of free rent! Continue reading


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Do You Really Understand the Theme of the Bible?

“Why did Jesus die?’  “What does that have to do with sin?  “Why is the Bible such a bloody book?” These are some of the questions asked and answered today by Ken Craig on the Florida College lecture program. He also addressed the issue of the relevance of the Old Testament for a 21st century generation that must find relevancy in everything.

I knew of Ken Craig through my friend Dan DeGarmo.  And was familiar with his book “The Big Picture of the Bible.”  But today I was privileged both to hear and meet him. His lecture, “The Sacrificial System: The Offering of the Body of Jesus Christ Once and for All,” was a demonstration of his “Big Picture” view of the Bible.  It is an excellent approach.

Continue reading

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Tributes to Christ and the Cross

This week I’m attending the Florida College Lectures.  The theme is “Of First Importance: He Died and was Buried.”  It is a series of studies on the crucifixion.  In his forward to the lecture book, FC President Buddy Payne asks, “What could be more important to believers than this glorious message of “Jesus Christ and Him crucified?  What message is more desperately needed by a lost and dying world?  What better way to be motivated and strengthened in our service to the Lord than to reflect upon his sacrificial death?” Continue reading

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