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How To Prevent Backsliding

There’s a story that’s been around for a long time that’s been used by authors, politicians and public speakers about how to boil a frog.

Supposedly a scientific experiment was conducted in the 19th century where a frog was placed in a pan of hot water and it immediately jumped out. But the researcher found that if they placed it in a pan of cool water, it would placidly float along. Then they learned if they gradually increased the temperature the frog would sink into a tranquil stupor and finally allow itself to be boiled to death. Continue reading

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Don’t Become A Spiritual Benedict Arnold


It was 236 years ago yesterday that General Benedict Arnold was caught and arrested .

Unless you’re like some of the history challenged people interviewed by Jesse Watters, you know that Benedict Arnold’s name has become synonymous with the word “traitor.”

However, previous to his decision to become a turncoat, Benedict Arnold was a hero during the Revolutionary War. He was born into a well respected Connecticut family. He distinguished himself as a brave and skillful leader in various military campaigns and was given command at West Point. Continue reading


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