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Chaos or Calm?

While settling into my little corner in the Hampton Inn lobby to write today’s post, the lady working the front desk walked by and asked, “Are you ready for all the chaos that’s about to unfold today?”

I chuckled to myself. I already had decided to share a few thoughts about our attitudes and actions on this Presidential election day.

My new “friend” further opined that the chaos would not end today, predicting post-election problems, discord, and disorder. She may be right. Some businesses in downtown Indianapolis, as well as Washington, D.C., and a number of other major cities are boarding up their windows, fearing post-election riots, and looting. Continue reading


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7 Things Unchanged By The Election


Surprising. Shocking. Stunning.   These words have repeatedly been used to describe the reaction to Donald Trump’s upset Presidential victory.

Pundits who were pontificating with their predictions of a Clinton landslide were reduced to “eating crow.” Media elites, far left liberals and entertainment stars are red faced and scratching their heads wondering “What happened?” Continue reading


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5 Ways To Cope With Election Anxiety


Now there’s another disorder. Election stress disorder. Dr. Asim Shah, vice chair for community psychiatry at Baylor College of medicine in Houston, says it’s real.

Apparently Shah is right. A quick Google search of “election stress disorder” revealed 1,540,000 hits.

Shah said that symptoms of this once-every-four-years disorder include heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sweaty palms, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping and a sinking or doomed feeling.

According to recent news reports The American Psychological Association says the election is the source of “a significant amount of stress for more than half of all Americans and is prevalent in both parties.” Continue reading


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