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How Should Christians Respond to the Bathroom Battles?

Bathroom battles

This is a confusing and frustrating time for Christians.

Homosexual relations, same-sex marriage, and transgender rights are more than social or political issues, they speak to Biblical principles. Our moral foundation. And our spiritual values. We have occasionally addressed these issues from the perspective of “What does the Bible say?”

The latest cultural bombshell now involves the use of public restroom facilities. Continue reading


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Being Pure in a Profane World


I didn’t watch last night’s Republican debate. Did I miss anything?

Did Donald Trump insult anyone? Did the other candidates react with similar retorts? Were they still taking about the size of hands and what that possibly meant? Were there any personal attacks?

Actually I did see a CNN headline this morning that read “Republican Debate Turns Dirty.” Continue reading


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9 Ways I Define My Identity

KenPic“Nobody can control or define our identities unless we let them, and so I chose to come out and to define myself – nothing more.”

These words are by Bradley Manning, who now identifies himself as female named Chelsea.  Manning is serving 35 years in prison for espionage and has demanded “gender confirming healthcare” from the federal prison system.

Manning’s words express the current social trend toward personal self-expression and identity definition by homosexuals, bisexuals, lesbians, pansexuals, and transgenders

In fact, re-identification knows no boundaries.

Continue reading


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Does God Ever Give up?

Gods Wrath

Is there ever a time when God looks down on the human race and gives up?

We would think not. God is a God of love. Mercy. Grace. Patience. Longsuffering and Forbearance. Surely, hope springs eternal in the heart of God. He can’t give up! Or can He? Continue reading


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Responding to America’s Abortion Culture


“How do we interact in a secular world, where we often feel between a rock and the hard place?” asked Stephen, one of our regular readers.

Stephen cited two areas of concern.  The Christian’s attitude toward the sin of homosexuality and the problem of abortion.  Yesterday, we discussed the importance of applying the command to “love your neighbor” as it relates to those engaged in sinful lifestyles.  Today, we want to address to the issue of abortion.   Continue reading


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Upholding Truth In A Secular Society


One of our regular readers, Stephen, recently responded to my post last week, “What is Truth?”

“But how you (and other socially conservative Christians) commonly define “Truth” in rigid absolute right/wrong terms sometimes pushes me away,” Stephen wrote. “In saying that God’s “Truth” is absolutely clear-cut creates the Todd Aikens of this world.”  Continue reading


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Win or Lose, Let’s Get Rowdy!


It was predictable. In fact, police were prepared in both Lexington, KY and Storrs, CT.

Following Monday night’s NCAA championship basketball game, thousands of disappointed Cat fans spilled out into the streets, lighting fires, burning player jerseys and spewing out profanities. Lexington police were dispatched and used tear gas to control rowdy fans following the UK loss to UConn. Continue reading

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March Madness and a Moral Morass


“March Madness” has arrived!  No, I’m not talking about the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  But the annual “rite of passage” for many college students called “Spring Break 

This hedonistic, decadent, not-stop party extends from Miami’s South Beach, to South Padre Island and from Las Vegas to New Orleans.  Various web articles tout the following headlines:  Continue reading


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The Sermon On The Mount: Christ Confronts Our Culture


Phillip Yancey, in his book “The Jesus I Never Knew,”  tells about a Texas A & M professor, Virginia Owens, who assigned her students to write a short essay on the sermon on the mount.  Here’s a sample of some of the student’s reactions:  Continue reading


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Bill Cosby “Calls Out” Vulgar Culture

Cosby.Bill(Note:  We are taking a “holiday break” and re-posting the top 9 posts in 2013 based on the number of hits.  Although only posted a month ago, this one came in at #9)

“We are not a vulgar culture,” said Bill Cosby in a speech at Tuskegee University earlier this month. Continue reading


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