Responding to America’s Abortion Culture


“How do we interact in a secular world, where we often feel between a rock and the hard place?” asked Stephen, one of our regular readers.

Stephen cited two areas of concern.  The Christian’s attitude toward the sin of homosexuality and the problem of abortion.  Yesterday, we discussed the importance of applying the command to “love your neighbor” as it relates to those engaged in sinful lifestyles.  Today, we want to address to the issue of abortion.  

Our reader says that “Socially moderate Christians believe that abortion should be safe, legal, and “extremely rare” — where a key way to achieve this is public sex education and availability of contraception (especially to people in poverty). Of course, socially conservative Christians go ballistic over this approach. Scandinavian countries which do this have a fraction of the abortion rate that exists in the U.S.”

What most conservatives are opposed to, is not sex education itself, but the nature of the education!  We have discarded time-honored moral beliefs and replaced them with the modern mantra that says “practice safe sex.”  The problem today is not too little information about sex, but too much information!  Kids are bombarded  with sexual messages from movies, music, and the internet.  The people idolized today are too often fornicators, adulterers and homosexuals!  Then we wonder why classes on “safe sex” are not working!

Over 55 million children have been slaughtered on Satan’s altar of selfishness, convenience, and promiscuity. And all under the liberal guise of “a woman’s right to choose.”  I heard one woman on TV recently boast, “It’s my body!”  Really?  The Bible teaches that your body and soul belong to God who created them.  For Christians there is the realization that we’ve been bought by the blood of Jesus and should respect the body that belongs to Him.

While the Bible never directly speaks of abortion, it does identify that conceived within the mother as a child.  Twenty-six times the Bible uses the expression “with child” to refer to pregnant women. The term fetus is never used. Luke, the physician, records that Elisabeth, the mother of John the Immerser, conceived a son (1:35). In verse 41 the doctor wrote “the baby leaped in her womb.” The baby! Not the fetus! It is the same Greek word that Luke uses to describe Jesus after he was born (2:12, 16). God views the unborn baby and the newborn baby in the same way. Both are living human beings.

Stephen shared with me an article stating the shocking and sad situation in Detroit where abortion rate has reached a staggering 31% of all pregnancies.  The writer says, Decreased funding for family planning and contraceptive funding in Michigan is seen as a contributing factor: The budget fell from $5 million to $700,000 in the past seven years, leaving 80,000 people without free family-planning aid.”

Would it be insensitive of me to suggest that greater contributing factors are single women having sex outside of marriage?  Plus lust.  Pride.  And Carnality.

I agree with Stephen. It seem like we’re “between a rock and a hard place.”  Socially.  Culturally.  And Politically.

Yet for the Christian “living between two worlds,” we know our only real hope is the restoration of a Bible-based morality. Politicians are not the answer.  And enacted laws do little to sway the hearts of people.  God calls us to humble ourselves in repentance.  And prayer.

Calvin Coolidge, was right when he said, “We do not need more material development, we need more spiritual development. We do not need more intellectual power, we need more moral power. We do not need more knowledge, we need more character. We do not need more government, we need more culture. We do not need more law, we need more religion. We do not need more of the things that are seen, we need more of the things that are unseen.”

But instead of wringing our hands and “cursing the darkness,” we can “light candles.”  I may not be able to change things in the White House, the State House, or the Court House, but I can serve God in my house!

I may not be able to change Detroit, but I can do something about my heart.  My home.  My community.  I can be involved in my children’s activities.  Their school.  And know their friends.  I can serve in my church.  And exert my influence for good in the workplace.

I can support worthy pro-life groups.  Provide godly counsel. Donate to clinics helping pregnant women. Adopt children.  Respect life.

I can’t do everything.  But I can do something.

Oh, and the “rock and the hard place”?  God says, “Have faith.  Hold on.  There’s a better world awaiting!”

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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6 responses to “Responding to America’s Abortion Culture

  1. I think I’ll just say I don’t agree with judging fellow human beings like this and leave it at that but the phrase “greater contributing factors are single women having sex outside of marriage” did make me smile. Aren’t men having the sex too in America? I don’t think the women are doing it on their own.


    • Ana, thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to comment and offer a different opinion. I appreciate it! However, I think you missed the point! Of course, men are having sex with women! But men don’t get pregnant! And men don’t have abortions! But if single women would tell men, “NO,” I’m thinking there would be fewer out of wed-lock babies, fewer abortions, and fewer people on welfare. As for “judging,” I would refer you to John 7:24 where Jesus said to “Judge righteous judgment.”


      • I don’t think Jesus (as far as I remember from childhood teaching) ever tried to change things by judging others. Compassion might change things. Helping people overcome bad circumstances might change things. But not judgment.


  2. Stopping by from UBC… I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on many points. 🙂


  3. Stephen Segrest

    Thanks for having this dialogue on very difficult social issues. This week, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued a report which had encouraging news on dramatic reductions in abortion and drug use among teens:

    The overwhelming reason given for this improvement is increased secular health education and practices on drugs and sex (e.g., contraception, safe sex).

    With Millennials (Generation Y) leaving Churches in unprecedented numbers (per every opinion poll like Pew and Gallup), one can’t say that Millennials are becoming more “moral”. Nor can one say that Scandinavian countries (which have a fraction of the U.S. abortion rate) are more “moral” than the U.S.

    And this frames the conundrum. While of course every Christian would agree with you on “God’s Truth” as to our “individual” actions and responsibilities — applying these “Truths” into public policies into a secular, broken, and lost world often just don’t work. A prime example is “abstinence only” public sex education in places like very politically conservative Mississippi and Louisiana which have the highest rates of teen births (creating a welfare State) and sexually transmitted disease (STD) in the U.S.

    Again, thanks for having a “safe” place where Christians can talk about sometimes feeling like we’re between a rock and a hard place. This week reminds me of Marty Pickup and how much I miss him — his smile, laugh, humor, his caring and insightfulness as a teacher. In almost every conversation, Marty would tell me in a way that only Marty could “You’re a very strange person!”. I would tell him, yes I am — and its Biblical. Paraphrasing Scripture — I am a Space Alien living for a short time in this World but not of it.


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