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Word of the Week: Courtesy

“Courtesy,” wrote Teddy Roosevelt,” is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage.”

That thought seems pretty much lost of many folks today. Apparently, everything has to be bluntly challenged. Every thought. Every opinion. Every personal view. Every political persuasion.

The other day I read a post on facebook by a brother in Christ with whom I didn’t 100% totally agree. It was his personal opinion. It had nothing to do with scripture. It spoke to the political climate today in America.  But I believe he had a valid point. And was sincere in his concerns. Continue reading


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When Pigs Fly


Those of my generation and older can remember when it was glamorous to fly. It was a relaxing way to travel. Most people dressed up. And meals were served at 35,000 feet.

Today, with the hassle of TSA security checks, more people crammed into a smaller space, fewer perks and the battle for overhead luggage space, flying has lost some of its luster. (Although, for me a 2 ½ flight sure beats a 20 hour drive!) As a result, passengers have become more irritable, and easily upset by inconveniences or perceived slights by others. Also the flying public is less kind and courteous.

Former flight attendant, Shawn Kathleen documents the impolite actions of airline passengers as well as downright rudeness and crudeness on her blog passengershaming.com and reported in Tuesday’s edition of the Tampa Bay TimesContinue reading

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