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3 Lessons Learned from Leviticus

Did you skip reading the book of Leviticus?

If you’re following Mark Roberts’ 5 Day Bible reading program of the entire Bible, you’re nearing the end of 9 long days of reading Leviticus. Pretty exciting stuff, eh?

You’re getting detailed information about all kinds of sacrifices and offerings. Burnt offerings. Sin offerings. Meal offerings. Peace offerings. Trespass offerings.

You read about the special Jewish observances. Besides the familiar weekly Sabbath observance, there’s the Day of Atonement. The Passover. Pentecost. Feast of Tabernacles. Feast of Trumpets. The Sabbatical Year. And the Year of Jubilee. It’s filled with details about blood, guts and animal fat. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Commandments

Commandments“Life is a lot like a minefield,” wrote my favorite author anonymous.

What Mr. Anon meant is that minefields are incredibly dangerous places. Of course, the danger lurks in not knowing where the mines are planted. However, if a soldier had a detailed map of a minefield showing where a mine is located, the infantry could walk through unscathed.

I understand the military has specialists whose job is to locate these mines. Using high-tech methods, they locate the mines and plant a small flag by them. When the troops march through the area they know where to step and more importantly where not to step! Continue reading


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