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12 Ways To Be A Fool

Fool. no God

Today has been dubbed as “the most light-hearted day of the year.” It’s April 1st. Better known as “April Fool’s Day.”

While the origins of this day are uncertain, history records that people have been using this day to play pranks on people as far back as the Middle Ages. By 1700 it seems to have been popularized in England.

Newspapers, Television stations, web sites and radio stations will often go to great lengths to report outrageous fictional stories to fool their audiences. In fact, early this morning Google already perpetrated one hoax that backfired.

According to this day in history, there have been some hilarious “April Fool’s” pranks that duped gullible people. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Fool

FoolD. L. Moody was a famous19th century preacher known for his evangelistic campaigns, which attracted large crowds.  These meetings were often attended by hecklers who were in violent disagreement with his teaching.

In the final service of one meeting, an usher handed Moody a note as he approached the lectern. It was from an atheist who had been giving Mr. Moody a great deal of trouble. The evangelist, however, supposed that is was an announcement, so he quieted the large audience and prepared to read it. Opening the folded piece of paper he found scrawled in large print only one word: “Fool!” The colorful preacher was equal to the occasion. He looked around the audience and said…. Continue reading


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