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The Value and Virtue of Vigilance

Currently Norma Jean and I are enjoying some time in one of our favorite places, the Smoky Mountains.  It is a lovely time of year with flowers blooming and apple trees, red buds and dogwoods blossoming. Plus we have a great view from our cabin.

However, the winding road to our cabin is narrow sometimes steep with dangerous drop-offs inches away.  In the last stretch, there’s no room to meet another car.  So far, we haven’t.  But it puts Norma Jean a bit on edge with constant reminders for me to take it easy.  Drive slowly. And not be looking around at the beautiful mountain vistas. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Alert

Stay Alert

“Where’s Miles?” I asked Norma Jean.

“Oh, he’s sitting on the stairs,” she replied.

I went to see and he was not there. As I went up the stairs, Miles was coming down the stairs, out of the family room, grinning and carry a dartboard.” Thankfully, he wasn’t throwing any darts. Continue reading

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