Six Powerful Words

Admittedly, there’s a lot of junk on facebook. I understand why some people shun social media. There are words posted that hurt. Divide. Embarrass. Anger. And offend.

But then I see a post like this, from my friend in real life, and fellow worker in the Kingdom, Wilson Adams. Words that make facebook worth it. And it’s too good not to share.

Years ago, a group of writers wagered a lunch tab bet with Ernest Hemingway. They challenged him to write a short story only six words long. Hemingway thought for a moment, pulled out a napkin, and wrote the following six-word story:

“For sale, baby shoes, never worn.”

Hemingway understood the power of words. Even a few. Sometimes the power is in the story behind the words.

We’ve all experienced six-word stories that changed us.

  • I thought I could trust you.
  • I’m leaving and want a divorce.
  • There has been a bad accident.
  • Your position is no longer needed.
  • You will never amount to anything.
  • The cancer isn’t responding to treatment.

Words change us forever.

Jesus came into the midst of our hurt. He walked our path of pain and heard our heartache. He spoke before crowds of hurting people whose dreams were shattered and whose lives were hard and hopeless.  And He gave them words -of hope, of grace, of compassion. He still does.

I have no idea where you are right now, but my guess is… there is some kind of pain and loss. And it wears on you. Daily. Nightly. Please know one thing: you are not alone. Ever.

Six more words: “For God so loved the world…”

And here are six more.: Thanks, Wilson, for inspiring, encouraging, words.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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4 responses to “Six Powerful Words

  1. Jim Walsh

    Along this line, one might suggest that there are Three powerful words that summarize what the Bible is trying to teach us: “Father, Forgive Them …” (Luke 23:34)


  2. Great post !

    The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want (7 words) ⚘ Psalm 23


  3. Clif Dennis

    Another three word story: “I am resolved.”


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