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Twelve Things I Know About Heaven, Part Three


Max Dawson is a friend of mine and a fellow preacher.  Following Monday’s first post about heaven, Max made this observation.

“Lots of folks say they have gone to heaven. They then come back to tell us all about what heaven is like. The Apostle Paul (2 Corinthians 12:1-6) was caught up to heaven. Whatever it was that he saw and heard, he said it “is not lawful for a man to utter.” Amazing that folks claim to be able to tell something that the apostle was not permitted to tell.”  Continue reading


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Twelve Things I Know About Heaven, Part Two


Eben Alexander is a board certified neurosurgeon.  In 2008 he was driven into a coma by a mysterious bacterial meningitis.  On the seventh day he surprisingly began to awaken.  He claims that during the coma he was taken on a journey into the next life by an angelic being and actually talked to God! Continue reading


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Twelve Things I Know About Heaven, Part One


“Heaven is for Real” is the story of a four-year old boy, Colton Burpo, who almost died on the operating table during emergency surgery.  When he recovered, Colton claims that he went to heaven.  The book is written by his father, Todd, a Nebraska  preacher, who describes what heaven is like.

It has sold over one million copies and was #1 on the NY Times best seller list.

Why the popularity?  The interest?  The intrigue?  Because people wonder what happens after death.  They want some answers into the next life.  They are curious about heaven and want to know what it’s like. Continue reading


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