Weekly Recap: April 3-7

Greetings from Beverly Hills, FL

Norma Jean and I are preparing to leave for Miami, where I will be preaching in a meeting for the Carol City Church, April 9-14.  It’s one of the few week long meetings I do with 8 lessons, If you’re within driving distance, we’d love to see you.

Today’s post is a recap of the past week with its live links, provided in case you may have missed a post.

I don’t know about my fellow bloggers, but I often post something that I think should receive more hits than it does.  This week the #1 most read post was Psalm 71, followed by Discovering Purpose Beyond Yourself.  Coming in third was 10 Questions To Detect Sports Idolatry, which I thought would be a runaway #1 in terms of reader views.  So, many of you missed it.  I hope you will read it. And share it.

Have a great day. A wonderful weekend.  And a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless,



Focus On Self-Development, Not Self-Fulfillment




Discovering Purpose Beyond Yourself




Psalm 71



10 Questions to Detect Sports Idolatry



Our God Is An Awesome God




From 2012 to 2016 we published a weekly column, entitled “It’s Friday. But Sunday’s Coming.  You can click this link to access all of those posts   Here’s one of those posts that reminds us of the beauty  of the resurrection, and the dramatic change from the cross to the empty tomb.  Click here to read, “He Was Dead, But Now He’s Alive!

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