Weekly Recap: November 7-11

Good Morning from Beverly Hills, Florida

I know that hurricane Nicole made national news.  And there was some serious damage in the Daytona Beach area.  But for us over here on the Nature Coast it was pretty much a non-event.  Wind and rain.  That’s all.  Today was back to sunny skies and 80 degrees.  We’re thankful we were spared from a serious storm.

Tomorrow I will be preaching for the West Citrus Church in Crystal River where we regularly worship.  Anytime you’re in our area, we’d love to see you.

Today’s post is a recap of the past week’s posts with live links.  It’s a good way to catch up in case you missed one.

Hope you all have a great day. And a wonderful weekend.

God bless,



Word of the Week:  Election





Sin is Worse Than Missing the Mark




1 Peter 2:10-11



How Do You View the Bible?



Post Election Thoughts




Since yesterday was Veterans Day, I am posting a piece I wrote ten years ago today honoring  our Veterans.  Click here to read, “Thank God for Veterans. 

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