Friday’s List To Live By #97

It’s been almost one year since our friend and preaching colleague, Dee Bowman passed from this life into eternity. His influence, however, lives on and continues to speak to us through his wonderful writings.

Today’s list is taken from his book, That’s Life, in a section, “Life By the Numbers,” on page 110.

In it, he offers 10 tips on the proper use of the tongue–5 negative and 5 positive.

10 Biblical Commands On Wholesome Speech

Avoid sins of the tongue that can…

…Tear down rather than edify (Prov. 18:8).

…Bring deterioration to their user (Prov. 14:23).

…Divide relationships (Prov. 11:9; 16:28).

…Tend to shift responsibility (Prov. 26:19).

…Distort truth, promote error (Prov. 17:4).

So we should…

…Speak words that edify and help (Prov. 19:21).

…Speak words that show control (Prov. 16:32).

…Speak words calculated to promote peace (Prov. 12:18).

…Speak words that motivate us as well as our hearers (Prov. 15:23).

…Speak words of truth even if it means trouble (Prov. 17:4).

Additionally, Dee’s admonitions apply not only to spoken words but our written words as well. Such as facebook. And other social media.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman



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