Weekly Recap: January 30-February 4

Good Morning from Beverly Hills,

This week has been characterized by wide swings, not just of temperatures in central Florida, but of distance traveled in a short period of time, as we made a quick trip to Ohio, but also of emotions as we spoke at the celebration of life service for our long time friend, Dave Wyckoff.  Our blog posts this week reflect those wide swings.    I guess that’s a pretty good snapshot of life, overall.

Today’s post is designed to give our readers an easy way to catch up on any posts you may have missed, with its quick links and subject summary.  Also, it’s a good way to share ThePreachersWord with others either by email or through social media.

Tomorrow, we plan to head up to Temple Terrace and spend the week attending the annual Florida College Lectures.  Looking forward, not only to hearing the speakers but seeing old friends from around the country.  Hope to see some of you there.

Have a good day.  And a wonderful weekend.

God bless,


Sunday Seed Thoughts; Where You Are Today



Word of the Week:  Passion




In Honor and Memory of Dave Wyckoff





A Passage to Ponder:  Ephesians 2:10




Recognizing and Honoring Women




Friday’s List to Live By #72





This post is from 10 years in just the second month of publishing ThePreachersWord.  It’s incredible how much has changed and how far we’ve traveled in the past 10 years.  I think you will enjoy this little piece The Treadmill of Life 

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