Sunday Seed Thoughts: Mountain Majesty


This morning Norma Jean and I will be driving down the mountain where we’re staying in Cobbly Nob to Highway 321 and heading East toward Cosby, Tennessee, where I will be preaching today.

It’s a beautiful six-mile drive, surrounded by the majestic mountains and the fall foliage with the colors of yellow, orange, and bright red beginning to burst forth.

There’s something special about the serenity and solitude of the mountains. The quietude and tranquility offer a peaceful place to relax. Renew. Refresh. To think. Mediate. And muse.

I’m reminded how Bible writers often spoke of God’s majesty in connection with his creation of the mountains.

“You formed the mountains with your power and armed yourself with mighty strength” (Ps. 65:6).

“The mountains of Bashan are majestic, with many peaks stretching high into the sky” (Ps. 68:15).

“The majesty of Carmel and Sharon. They will see the glory of the Lord, The majesty of our God” (Isa 35:2).

Power. Strength. Glory. Majesty. Might. And beauty. These words not only describe the creation but the Creator. And His creation cries out that the mountains, valleys, rivers, and streams are not an accident. The mountains rise toward the heavens and point to Him who made them and they call forth in unison, “There is a God! There is a God!”

I feel sorry for people who come here and become so engrossed in shopping, going to shows, seeing man-made attractions, and satiating their fleshly desires that they fail to see God’s glory.

When you come here get away from the crowds. Breathe in the crisp mountain air. Take a walk in the woods. Watch the sunrise over the mountains, or see the sunset. Feel the gentle breeze. Listen to nature.

Then think about Him who revealed His eternal power and Godhood in the natural world. But also be assured we can come to know Him in His divine revelation, the Bible.

And so, while we can pray and praise God on the mountain, we come down today to join with God’s people, on His appointed day to worship. To honor our Creator. To encourage one another in our Christian walk. And recognize and remember His majesty, not just in the mountains, but in the One who often went to the mountains to pray. Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Today, in the words of Jack Hayford, we worship His majesty.

Majesty, worship His majesty
Unto Jesus be all glory, honor and praise,
Majesty, kingdom authority
Flow from His throne, unto His own
His Anthem raise
Majesty, worship His majesty.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman








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