Weekly Recap: July 11-16

Good Morning from Citrus County, Florida

Well, we’re in the middle of July, Florida’s hottest month, and also its wettest month.  The average high temperatures are 90-92 degrees F, and an average of 8″ of rain, which we’ve already surpassed due to Elsa.

Last summer we were in Montana, and the two years prior in Ontario, Canada.  It sure would be nice to have a brief respite.  But we’re enjoying being closer to our family and spoiling our grandkids.  Plus, we’ve had an opportunity to preach and teach most Sunday’s we’re home for the West Citrus Church in Crystal River where I will be tomorrow.

Today’s post offers a recap of the past week.  And provides an opportunity for you to catch up on any you may have missed.  Also, there’s a bonus past post from 5 years ago, that you will enjoy entitled Bible Bloopers By  Kids.

Have a great day.  A wonderful weekend.  A blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless,


Sunday Seed Thoughts: Are You Glad?



Word of the Week: Growing




The Riches of God’s Grace



A Passage To Ponder: Philemon 1



The Call To Contend for the Faith




Friday’s List to Live By #48




Kids say the funniest things.  And sometimes their unintended humor surfaces in Bible classes. This post written 5 years ago today was designed to offer a humorous reprieve from our troubled world and the cares of daily life.  I hope enjoy Bible Bloopers By Kids. 



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