Weekly Recap: April 25-30

Good Morning from the Smoky Mountains

We’ve been blessed to return to one of our favorite places.   It’s literally Springtime come alive in the Mountains.  Plus, we’ve enjoyed being with our friends at the Cosby church as well as making new friends.

But the time as come to leave today and head to Douglasville, Georgia, where I will be preaching in a  Sunday-Wednesday meeting at the Beulah Church.  We’d love to see our friends in the greater Atlanta area.

Our weekly recap affords our readers an easy way to catch up with all posts you’ve missed this week, plus share ThePreachersWord with your friends and brethren.  Also we’ve included a bonus post at the end.

Hope you all have a good day, a wonderful week-end, a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless,


Sunday Seed Thoughts: Open Eyes



Word of the Week:  #Accountability



Is Today the Birthday of the Universe?



A Passage To Ponder:  Acts 10:1-2



Show Me How Fleeting My Life Is?




Friday’s List To Live By #37






This post, 9 years ago, from our first year of publication, is probably not been read by most of you.  However, most, if not all of you need to read it.  Who Says So? speaks to an issue that we deal with daily when we talk to ourselves.  What are we saying?  More importantly what is God saying?




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