Ten Questions About Our Entertainment Choices

We are taking a holiday blogging break and reposting the top 10 posts of the year based on reader views, This February post which ranked #5 continues to be relevant and is a good reminder with the Super Bowl just a few weeks away.


“Highly sexualized.” “Trashy.” “Sexual exploitation.” “Soft-core porn.” “A horrible embarrassment.”

These are just a few of the descriptions I read on social media regarding the Super Bowl halftime show featuring Latin pop artists Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

I didn’t realize how raunchy the performance was until the next morning when I read so many accounts of people disgusted by the skimpy costumes, seductive gyrating and sexy choreography.

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One response to “Ten Questions About Our Entertainment Choices

  1. R Warren V

    Re Cain the murderer; Re Sodom and sexual sins; Re Samson the same; Re 1st century Corinth; Re present day America —– what is so different? The sinful world is Satan’s domain and has always been evil and sinful. God’s people have better, and happier options.


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